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Tweet Structure

In general, tweets are composed by a text (headline) and preferably a link to a web resource of the Universitat de València (domain It is advisable to use shortened links, using the UV links server (

Furthermore, tweets will have a hashtag.

Eg. Text + shortened link ( +#hashtag

Other Twitter users can also be mentioned when they have relation with the theme of the account or those who are answering with the content of the tweet.

In case of retransmission or monitoring of events (conferences, opening of the course, magisterial lectures, events, etc.) in real time through Twitter, it is not necessary to associate any link, but it is important to include the hashtag which makes reference to the event.


The text of the information must be synthetic, rigorous and concise. That is why it is important to attach a link when possible to the domain of the Universitat de València because, that way, it is offer to users the possibility of increasing the content on the institutional web.

Links provide an added value to the tweet and a double objective is sought by using them. First of all, they allow to complete the information with more than 140 characters and to access the latest version with the possible changes that could have been made. Moreover, they allow to generate more traffic of the web by improving the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In case of retweets, it is necessary to read carefully the linked texts and to ensure that the source is reliable. If it is web sites, it is need to seek the authors and determine if they are credible. In general, it is advisable not to link personal blogs (even in the domain of the Universitat de València), except when the information is relevant because of the content and not for the opinion of the author or blogger.


Hashtags define the theme of the tweet. It is advisable to establish a series of tags (eg. #MasterUV, #Exposcience, etc.) which classify all kind of extraction and data analysis. They determine easily and arouse interest by followers of the institutional accounts.

To establish this hashtags it is necessary to check if they are or not in use, or if they can be prejudicial to the reputation of the account. It can be checked simply by writing it on the Twitter searcher (

When shorter and more descriptive is the hashtag, it will better fit within the limits of the tweet itself (eg. #mba_uv).

If the majority use of a hashtag related to a content to be published is detected, its use is recommended instead of using a new one.

For the institutional events promoted by the Universitat de València accounts, it is important to officialise the hashtag explicitly (with the Twitter account itself or using Facebook entries, or even on the institutional website) and do so in advance to avoid the spread of other informal labels that prevent effective monitoring of the impact produced by the event. Generally, it is mandatory in case of promotion of institutional events by organ, service or unit of the UV:

  1. The same officialised hashtag must be used in all tweets related to that event.
  2. The person responsible for the institutional accounts in social networks must be in the event, or have a reliable source that assists and that is able to contrast any information quickly.

It is advisable not to use more than 2 hashtags on a same tweet.

Retweets (RT)

Retweets are tweets of other users which are published again to contribute to the conversation and to generate the propagation. These can be automatics (without RT), manual (RT) or edited (MT).

In case of manual or edited, for other users can retweet the full tweet, this must have a maximum of 120 characters, because the retweet follows this structure:

RT (o MT) + @Name_of_account+ Tweet

It is important that the link in the tweet is opened and shortened again with the link shortened (, so that it can be counted in the profile metric.

Interest contents which can be retweeted or quoted:

  1. Contents originating from reliable sources (can be institutions or experts on the theme of the Twitter account)
  2. Contents published by users with renowned prestige.
  3. Contents of other institutional accounts of the Universitat de València.

It must not automatically retweet other account or from a key word. In general terms, the volume of retweets shall not exceed that of self-produced tweets, although when the account is newly created it may be considered acceptable to maintain a balance between the two modes of publication, with the initial objective of building a good network of followers.