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Gregori Maians i Siscar (Oliva 1699-1781)
The life of Gregori Maians is the story of a versatile intellectual. He participated in the renovating and reforming ideas of the enlightened and like them he made use of Reason to analyse the reality that surrounded him. He was born in Oliva, studied in Salamanca, was professor of Law in the University of Valencia, royal librarian in Madrid...
Known as the “El Solitario de Oliva” (The Lonesome of Oliva) wrote more than a hundred books and kept mail with intellectuals of Spain and Europe. Over 40.000 of his letters are preserved. He prepared the edition of the complete work of Lluís Vives, made known in Don Quixote and answered the mail of Voltaire. Gregori Maians i Siscar is the referent of the Valencian Enlightenment.