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  • Guies tematiques


    Updating of the subject guides of the Social Sciences Library

    During the last months, the Information and Reference Section of the Social Sciences Library has been working on updating the subject guides on a new platform. Although the migration process has not completely finished, you can already consult them at https://uv-es.libguides.com/Biblioteca-de-Ciencies-SocialsThey are also linked from the main page of our website. The guides are develop in Valencian but you have an automatic translator at the top of the main page


    The guides continue to maintain a similar structure to the previous one: generic guides in the upper tabs, subjects resource guides for each grade, specific transversal guides and resources by subject.


    We hope they are useful to you. You can send your comments about them through Libray responds.

  • Biblioteca de Ciències Socials-interior


    The Social Sciences Library is open on Saturday morning

    From October 3, the Social Sciences Library will open on Saturday mornings, from 9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The use of the University of Valencia reading room is restricted to people with a UV university card


    Check the hours of the libraries open on Saturdays. We remind you that on October 10 the libraries will be closed.

  • Reserva de llibres


    Necessites llibres de la Biblioteca?

    Saps que no pots accedir directament als exemplars físics, però és fàcil.



    1. Reserva el llibre/s en el cercador de la Biblioteca: d'aquesta forma, https://links.uv.es/J19HPkX
    2. t'arribarà un avís per a la recollida, podràs fer-lo en l'hall d'entrada de la Biblioteca de 8:30 a 20:30

    Per si tens dubtes, farem 4 sessions de formació a través de Blackboard. De 30-45 min sobre: reserva de llibres per a préstec, horaris i funcionament de les sales d'estudi i dubtes i preguntes.

    NO CAL APUNTAR-SE, connecta't a la sessió que t'interesse fent clic en l'enllaç des de 15 min abans que comence. SIGUES PUNTUAL.


  • Sales de lectura


    Obertura de sales de lectura a partir del dilluns 14 de setembre

    Since Monday, September 14, the Library of Social Sciences will offer the reading and study service in the room, with a maximum capacity of 50%, in accordance with health indications.

    The person wishing to use a reading position will go to the counter set up for this purpose in the entrance hall, where they will be assigned a reading position. Two shifts are established, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the following hours: 8:30-13.45 and 15.30-20.45.​

    More information in this link.


    Since September 1, the libraries of the University of Valencia offer the loan of their funds with prior reservation through the Trobes discovery tool. You have more information and an explanatory video on how to make the reservation at this link.


    And remember that you can make any query through the UV chat service and The Library responds

  •  Panoramic view of the main façade of the Gregori Maians Social Sciences Library


    Setember 11, the library will be closed

    The library will be closed Setember 11 due to the Opening of Academic Year

  • Biblioteca de Ciències Socials


    Timetable and services in August

    Social Sciences Library will open from 3 to 7 and from 24 to 31 August, from 8.15 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

    It will offer the services by appointment of the loan and consultation of materials excluded from the loan. The return of books may be done at any time during the opening hours of the Library. In August, the supply service for printed journal articles was suspended

    The Library will be closed from August 8 to 23.

    More information and the summer time of the rest of libraries, in this link.