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The library collection gathers up archives from the areas of Psychology, Speech Therapyy and Physical Education and Sports in different formats.

The archives are distributed by the different rooms of the library, some of free access and organised by matters (manuals and monographs) and others in deposit (monograph). The library also has an important collection of journals in paper and electronic format.

Types of collection Catalogue number Spine-label
 Free-access loan manuals  PE 159.9 MAR  White
 Free-access room consultation manuals  PE 159.9 MAR  Yellow
 Reference works  PE R/159.91(038) DIC
 PE R/(038)=111 COL
 Free-access monographs  PE m159.9 MAN  Green
 Works in volumes  PE 159.9 MAN v.1  White
 AU/CD : CD  PE AU/CD 00001  White
 AU/V: Videos  PE FD AU/V 00001  White
 AU/DVD : DVD  PE AU/DVD 00003  White
 Leaflets  PE Fol/ 00001  White
 Series  PE Ser 00002/1  White
 Compactus collections-psychology  PE FP C/ 00001  White
 Compactus collections-sports  PE FD C/ 00001  White
 Psychology Test Library Collections  Audiovisual: PE-DOCI CD 001 (01)
 PE-DOCI AU/DVD 001 (01)
 PE-DOCI Vid 001 (01) 
 Test: PE-DOCI BAW (01) 
 Manuals: PE-DOCI 00001 (01)
 Collections of training room for users  PE SF+ currens  White
 Psychology Journals  PE.H  -
 Sports Journals  PE.H  -
 Head phones  PE AURICULAR+currens  
 Lectern  PE FARISTOL+currens