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The Library offers its users four group study rooms, one of them adapted to users with limited mobility. You must book the rooms previously in the counter of the library or you can also send an email to La Bibliotec@ respon. You are allowed to book a room with 4 days in advance or on the same day, if they are free.

  • The booking must be done by any user of the university community.
  • The data to be assigned with the card number of the applicant, booking date and hour..
  • To use the room it is required a group of 4 persons as a minimum and 8 as a maximum.
  • A 15-minute delay means the loss of the booking of the room.

Hours and time of use

  • The opening hours of the group study rooms are from 09:00 to 20 h.
  • Groups may use the room for a maximum of 3 hours until 18:00. Since that hour, the time for use will be of 2hrs
  • A 15-minute delay means the loss of the booking of the room.


  • When the room can be used by the group, they must leave their cards on the counter.
  • You are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink, except for water. You can neither use mobile phones nor playing music.
  • The person who books the room is responsible for its proper use. The library reserves the right to disallow the temporary use of rooms to whoever violates the rules.
  • Once abandoned the room, the person in charge will check that everything is in good condition. If not, the user will complete a form of incidents on this matter.