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The collections are distributed among the different areas of knowledge that make up the Humanities.

The basic collections of our library are divided into:

Manuals: recommended bibliography for undergraduate and graduate students. They are located on the ground floor.
Monographs: Documents to broaden knowledge in a subject. They are distributed between floors 1 and 2.
Newspaper Library: press and specialized magazines. Floor 3.
Reference: encyclopedias, dictionaries and yearbooks. Floor 1 (Room 1.0)
Multimedia: DVD. Floor 0.

To find them, search the catalogue and note the symbol. The bookmark indicates where the document is located.
Signatures beginning with HU D (+ a number indicating the floor) are deposit books. The staff of the corresponding plant must be requested.

The books with signature HU LE/ are large format. They are in the room corresponding to the number following LE (e.g. LE/2 in room 7, etc.).