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As part of the Conversion to International Campus of Excellence “Campus Habitat 5U” Project the five public universities of Valencia (UV, UPV, AU, UJI and UMH) have signed an agreement for development and joint use of library services such as the Valencia Campus Habitat 5U Interuniversity Borrowing (PIV5U) service.

The 5 available universities provide the Teaching and research staff and Administrative and service staff with the library materials of each university. The PIV5U consists of borrowing up to 3 items for 15 days at any of the participating libraries, after having requested admission in the application.

The borrowing of library materials will be made according to the conditions and procedures cited in annex I and II  of the Agreement.

More information (informative video of the Polytechnic University of Valencia)

PIV5U service conditions

Who can use this service?

PDI and PAS of the Valencian public universities (UV, UPV, UA, UJI, UMH) which previously had requested admission in the service using the following APPLICATION FORM.

How many documents and which borrowing period?







Each university can exclude of the borrowing some material: in-library consultations works, literature in high demand by students (manuals), films, laptops and docimoteca (test library).                            

Borrowing period

15 days

15 days

Maximum of items









 Some libraries may add items and days of period.



The applicant must register by filling this APPLICATION FORM and choose the university which wishes to use the interuniversity borrowing service. Once has been admitted in the host university, they will receive a conformity email. At this time, students will have to go in person and after identification (ID card, college, etc.) to the lending university library when they want to use the service.

Please check schedules and library catalogues as well as items excluded from the borrowing before the visit.

 The user agrees to return the books borrowed in the time specified and at the lending university library.


This servive is free.


What if they are PAS o PDI of other Valencian University?

If they are PDI or PAS of other Valencian university and wish to borrow books from the University of Valencia has to register themselves in the application form of their university.


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