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MemoQ. Kilgray Translation Technologies collaborates with the training of the students of the Undergraduate Degree in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation of the Universitat de València. Thanks to the collaboration of MemoQ. Kilgray Translation Technologies, the students of the UV are practising in the best assisted-translation environment: MemoQ

Since the implementation of MemoQ as a translation tool for the contents of English language of the UV, we have increased our productivity thanks to the speed and flexibility of this software. When translating a content, MemoQ adds this to its data base for reusing previous works in future translations, which allows a more effective and efficient translation and a greater coherence in the translations of an institution such as the UV.

But perhaps the most important reason for choosing this translation software is its ability for responding to an organisation of collaborative work like the UV. Thus, on one hand the work of a translator is enriched by the translations of all members of the work team and on the other hand term coherence and style homogeneity is acquired.

Likewise, MemoQ allows the translatoin of documemts of a wide range of digital formats. The documents to translate usually come in a variety of formats, so MemoQ separates the text from the format, leaving only the text to work, and after finishing the translation you can restore to its original format.

Unlike other translation memories to manage a MemoQ server is very easy you don’t need to be an specialised technician to do it. Moreover you can have the help of a wizard that takes you through the translation process for helping you in this experience.