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GT4 Sustainable Curriculum 


The Sustainable Curriculum working group has the main objective of promoting the incorporation and development of sustainable skills in the different syllabuses of the University of Valencia. This institution has been characterized by its commitment to sustainability. A definitive step is to systematize it according to the sustainability competence framework. This entails both raising awareness (with scientific knowledge of the need to work for the balance of the planet) with all the students of the institution and make them assimilate and contribute to look for a solution. The procedure goes through the endorsement of sustainable values ​​(support equity, promote the preservation of ecosystems, honor ethical commitment and social justice...) as a logical consequence of technically understanding the importance of moving towards sustainability. All this while understanding its complexity (to the necessary scientific and multidisciplinary contextualization of the problems, mature critical thinking is needed) and with the ambition of contributing to the application of good sustainable practices and the generation of new and effective ideas to attain Horizon 2030. In this context, it is considered strategic to attend to the transdisciplinary training of the teachers of the future (sustainability training, but also didactics) who are studying in all the faculties of the University of Valencia. They will carry out their work at the four educational levels of formal education, without forgetting non-formal and informal education, and with a huge potential receiving audience that ensures a positive socio-environmental impact and transfer.

Yolanda Echegoyen

What is Sustainable Curriculum?

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