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Volunteering in sustainability

UV Volunteering in sustainability aims to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and to raise awareness of the 2030 Agenda. At the same time, it seeks to renew attitudes and generate lasting changes in the behavior of the university community concerning sustainability.

It offers the possibility of participating in activities to raise awareness of the need to live and act more sustainably, through support for campaigns, collaboration in the UV Agroecological Market, waste management, etc.

 Sedi (Servei d'Informació i Dinamització) supports this volunteering initiative and organizes the basic and specific training necessary for the incorporation of students in their participation proposal.

Once the training has been completed, students can apply to join this volunteering program. The unit responsible for UV Volunteering in sustainability will accept applications for participation depending on the places available and the suitability of the profile of the applicant to the characteristics of the proposal.

Course 2022-2023


Dates: from 4th to 26th November 2022. Consult the calendar here  [PDF].

Mode: classroom-based, with 25 hours of duration.  

Places: 30.


  • Common block: Basic training on volunteering (5 hours). 
  1. Why volunteering?  Data, realities and social dynamics generate the opportunity and convenience of voluntary action. Strategies for understanding the environment and identifying options for action.
  2. What is volunteering?  What is and what is not volunteering. Main risks in the definition and practice of voluntary action. Tools and strategies for advocacy-focused voluntary action.
  3. Being a volunteer. Personal and collective processes allow us to move from knowledge of reality to the illusion and co-responsibility in its transformation.

  • Specific block (20 hours). 
  1. Introduction to sustainability.
  2. Climate neutrality and energy efficiency.
  3. Fair and proximity trade.
  4. Waste management and recycling.
  5. Healthy university.
  6. Awareness raising and alliance building.


  • Emilio Barba Campos, lecturer at the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, University of Valencia. 
  • Sergio Belda Miquel, lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Services at the University of Valencia.
  • Jose David Badía Valiente, lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Valencia.
  • Dolors Corella Piquer, lecturer in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Food Science, Toxicology and Legal Medicine at the University of Valencia.
  • Isabel Pla Julián, lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Valencia.
  • Yolanda Echegoyen Sanz, lecturer in the Department of Didactics of Experimental and Social Sciences at the University of Valencia.


Those who have completed the training with a pass mark will receive an email from 2nd December 2022 giving them the option to apply to participate in this volunteering programme:

Volunteering in sustainability [PDF]. chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://www.uv.es/sediweb/doc/voluntariat/propostes/4sostenibilitat_Proposta_1.pdf

Undergraduate students who participate can obtain the recognition of 1 ECTS credit, as long as the planned dedication is verified.

I WANT TO REGISTER AS A UV VOLUNTEER . https://www.uv.es/uvweb/information-service-sedi/en/volunteering/formacio-voluntariat-uv/uv-volunteering-1286097956681.html[SMC1] 

UV Volunteering is a proposal of the University of Valencia that aims to train students in a critical view of reality and to allow them to be part of its transformation.

The UV Volunteering initiative supports eight volunteer programmes: six of them are University of Valencia's own (sustainability, diversity, culture, support for students with disabilities, prevention and intervention in gender violence, and cooperation) and two more in collaboration with volunteer organizations (related to social mentoring with minors and the promotion of human rights of refugees).

The proposal is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of Valencia's centers and is made up of two actions:

  • On-site training, lasting 25 hours (5 common to all volunteering and 20 specific to each area).
  • Participation in the volunteering activities, according to the dedication established in each one of them, once the training has finished.

The Information and Dynamisation Service (Sedi, Spanish acronym) is in charge of coordinating the training programme and supports the units, services and organisations promoting each volunteering programme.


Course 2022-2023

UV Volunteer Programmes

UV Cultural Volunteering

  • Dedication: 30 hours
  • At the Vice-Rectorate for Culture and Society
  • Proposals: Revela Ciudad | UV a prop | Cultur Open | Connexions_Ambaixades

UV Volunteering in diversity

  • Dedication: 20 hours
  • In diversitats
  • Proposal: Accompaniment LGTBI+ and racialized people

UV Volunteering in prevention and intervention in male violence. Violet spaces

  • Dedication: 50 hours
  • In the Equality Unit
  • Proposal: Espais violeta


UV Volunteering in sustainability

  • Dedication: 20 hours
  • At UVsostenibilitat
  • Proposal: Volunteering in sustainability

UV volunteering to support students with disabilities

  • Dedication: 37,5 hours
  • In UVdiscapacidad
  • Proposals: Adaptation of materials | Accompaniment | Study support | Awareness-raising | Actions in organisations

UV Volunteering in cooperation

  • Dedication: see each proposal
  • In UVcooperació
  • Proposals: International volunteering | Socio-educational volunteering | Awareness-raising and education for development

Volunteering in socio-educational mentoring with children, adolescents and young people

  • Dedication: 48 hours
  • In AFEV
  • Proposal: enTándem

Volunteering in the promotion of human rights for refugees

  • Dedication: 30 hours
  • In UNHCR
  • Proposal: Set yourself a goal with the rights of refugees!


  • Classroom training.  From 4th to 26th November 2022: Fridays, between 16 and 20 h, and Saturdays, between 10 and 14 h, in the Aulario Oeste of the Campus de Trongers.  In the case of Volunteering in Cooperation, the training ends on 2nd December. In the case of volunteering in AFEV, the training ends on 12th November.
  • Participation in volunteer programmes. From January to September 2023. You will be eligible for one of the different proposals of the volunteering area in which the training has been carried out. Consult the information on each volunteering programme to find out more about each one.


Registration will take place from 13th October to 1st November 2022 through the Electronic website of the Universitat de València (https://www.uv.es/sede-electronica/es/sede-electronica-uv.html):  

  • To access the Electronic Register, select:
  • Type of Unit: University Services and Central Services
  • Target unit name: Servei d'Informació i Dinamització (Sedi)
  • Target group: Voluntariat UV
  • It is compulsory to fill in the following fields:
  • Facts and reasons: indicate your motivation to participate in the chosen Voluntariat UV (600-1.000 characters). 
  • No further documents need to be attached to the Register.

Admission and selection of volunteers

  • Duly completed applications will be accepted in order of registration until the number of places available for the training is reached, distributed as follows: diversity, 25; disability, 50; sustainability, 30; cultural, 50; gender violence, 60; cooperation, 15; socio-educational mentoring, 25; and refugees, 25.
  • On 31st October 2022, Sedi will send a confirmation email to which a reply must be sent by 2nd November 2022 at 12.00h confirming interest and attendance at the training. Contrary, it will be considered a resignation and the next person on the waiting list will be called up.
  • Those who have completed the training with the qualification of suitable, will receive from 2nd December 2022 an email giving them the option to apply to participate in the volunteering proposal in which they have been trained.

 Academic recognition and certification

By participating in UV Volunteering, undergraduate students can obtain academic recognition:

  • One ECTS credit for the training. Attendance at all sessions and completion of the tasks or work proposals are compulsory. The certificate corresponding to the training will be issued by Sedi.
  • The number of credits foreseen for each of the volunteer placements. The service or unit responsible for each volunteering activity shall issue the corresponding certificate once participation has ended. In the case of AFEV and UNHCR volunteering, the certificate will be managed by Sedi.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, you can write to us at voluntariat@uv.es.