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GT5 Comerç just i de proximitat

GT5 FAIR AND PROXIMITY TRADE. Collaboration on fair trade and social issues.



It is well known that the profound transformation of the processes of production and consumption of goods and services is fundamental to moving towards a model of fairer trade relations and towards economies and societies that put life at the center.

Universities can play a key role in driving these transformations. In many other ways, it can foster a more conscious and responsible consumption culture in the community; it can be a space where fairer and more sustainable consumption possibilities are offered and tested; or it can itself, as an institution, provide goods and services more responsibly.

Working Group 5 aims to make progress along all these lines. To this end, we have the support of the Vice-Rector's Office, a very active and committed group of people from the university community, and the work that has been carried out for decades in our environment by a multitude of organizations, institutions and social movements concerned with fair trade and transformative consumption.

Like the other working groups, this is a very diverse group open to the entire university community, with many initiatives underway (such as the promotion of agro-ecological markets on our campuses or different actions to promote responsible consumption) and in which you can participate and commit yourself as much as you wish.

I you want to join, write to sostenibilitat@uv.es 

Sergio Belda, Head of Fair Trade and Proximity Initiatives

Professor of the Àrea de Trabajo Social y Servicios Sociales, Facultat de Ciencies Socials