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The Governing Council is responsible for:

  1. Calling for the elections of the Principle, except for when the responsiblity belongs to the Senate.
  2. Calling for the total re-election of the Senate.
  3. Approving and modifying the framework for regulations, organisations and the functioning of University's regulations, except for those Statutes or other applicable provisions  where the responsibility is allocated to other regulatory bodies.
  4. Publishing all the required reports that determine the laws and statutes of the University.
  5. Approving or revoking any agreements, that are necessary to fulfil the Univeristy of Valencia's goals.
  6. Creating, modifying and closing departments, centre or structures which according to the Universities' laws, this right is only reserved for the Governing Council.
  7. Creating and modifying general services as well as proposing their dismissal to the Senate.
  8. Agreeing without bias, to the decisions made by the Board of Trustees according to their responsibilities, over the creation or collaboration with other public or private institutions of companies, foundations or other legal entities, as well as as agreeing to the participation in collaborations with pre-existing entities. Such agreements should be communicated to the Senate during their next meeting.
  9. Approving or modifying the degree curriculums to ensure that an official university qualification is obtained and that it is valid throughout the State. In addition, they are required to determine that the centre, will assume responsiblity for organising the teaching of such degrees.
  10. Approving the University of Valencia's offer of degrees and their curriculums.
  11. Approving the annual changes to the academic calendar and offer of studies.
  12. Approving the studies and university expansion activities.
  13. Approving the plans to promote and develop research and the training of researchers, as well as promoting and developing innovation in education.
  14. Establishing the general practises used to structure and advance teaching, research, administration and staff services.
  15. Approving the list of employment opportunities for teaching and research staff; to approve modifications to this list and to propose a motion for its approval. And if necessary to propose the approval or modification of changes to the employment opportunties for administrative and service staff.
  16. Approving regulations that regulate the entry tests for applicants and selection of teaching and research staff.
  17. Agreeing to proposals for teaching posts that are assessed through entry tests, as well as the announcment of the application to take the correspending entry tests.
  18. Agreeing to the announcements of job applications for the selection ofpermanent teaching and research staff positions.
  19. Appointing emeritus professors and agreeing to their continued position and ability to teach.
  20. Approving the regulations for granting honorary doctorate and the University medal, as well as granting these distinctions.
  21. Approving the procedures for the selection and provision of staff vacancies, as well as agreeing to the entry test for public employment. And for the provision of vacancies for administrative and services personnel.
  22. Submitting a proposal to the Board of Trustees for the recognition of situations that, in addition to establishing Generalitat (regional government) regulations that can give the right to award retribution for merit for dedication to the University.
  23. Approving the regulations for student admission procedures, of registration and academic records management, review of qualifications and award of extraordinary prizes for exemplary students.
  24. Proposing, in the budget proposal, the regulations for scholarships and financial aid for students.
  25. Approving the special circumstances for the teaching of specific University classes in partnership with health institutions where they impart university lectures.
  26. Approving the general guidelines of the language policy and the regulation for their implementation and development.
  27. Choosing responsibilities for selected members and representatives and, if necessary, revoking these responsibilities.
  28. In general, all the responsibilities that are attributed by the University's laws and statutes.