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2019 Award "Acció Social" CERMI CV

In the awards ceremony of this first edition, the jury decided to grant the ‘Acción social’ prize to the ‘Unitat per la Integració de Persones amb Discapacitat’ (UPD) from the Universitat de València (UV).

Today, the ‘Comité de Entidades Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad' (CERMI CV) celebrated, on the occasion  of its 20 anniversary, the ‘First Edition of the CERVI CV Awards’. In the act, organized by the entity to commemorate two decades of the defence of the rights of people with disabilities, have been granted six awards in six different categories and one of them has been granted to the UPD for ‘its implication in formation and labour insertion of people with disabilities’.

To the act, celebrated in the 'Veles e Vents' building in the Marina of Valencia, have attended distinguished personalities of the Valencian politics and society and represented to the Universitat de València the Principal Mª Vicenta Mestre, the Vice-Principal of Equality, Diversity and Sustainability Elena Martínez, and Celeste Asensi, director of UPD.

In the moment of the collection of the prize the Principal has thanked the organization task in pro of visibility, inside of the existent diversity, of the limits that people with disabilities has to face. Likewise, she showed her ‘great satisfaction and gratitude for the grant of this award that consolidates a clear commitment of our university for diversity and all of what the institution can do to acknowledge it, to make it visible and to support it in order to educate or to provide work for the collective when some barrier appears’. In her own words, the Principal has referred to the ‘illusion, effort and passion that techniques in the UPD and the director Celeste Asensi have when supporting to more than 1.100 students with disabilities, to the professors and to the PAS of our university community.’

The CERMI CV, that grants these awards ‘having as a base the ONU convention of the Rights with People with disabilities and its relation with the "Agenda 2030" of objectives of Sustainable Development in its approach of disability (ODiScapacidad)”, she decided to focus the first edition in ‘6 of this objectives: universal accessibility, gender, institutional alliances, social action, media and labour insertion’.

Just like this, she has thanked: in category 1 ‘Universal Accessibility’ to Mislata’s city hall; in category 2 ‘Gender: action for the benefit of women and female kids with disabilities’ to Coto Talens García; in category 3 ‘Institutional: the impact of the ONU convention for people with disabilities’ to parliamentarians of ‘Les Corts’ who signed the modification and adaptation of the Statute of people with disabilities of the Valencian Community: in category 4:’Social Action’ to the UPD of the Universitat de València: in category 5 ‘Media and Social Image of Disabilities’ to the journalist Mónica Ros and in category 6 ‘Social Inclusion’ to the company ‘MásOil Gasolineras’.

Awards ceremony "Acción Social" Elena Martínez, Mª Vicenta Mestre and Celeste Asensi