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The digital collection SOMNI goal is the preservation, the query and the public dissemination through Internet of the valuable bibliographical heritage preserved in the University of Valencia.

Digitalised works are included daily according to the requirements established by the Library, however, in order to give the opportunity to users and researchers -both from inside and outside the institution- of introducing works that they consider interesting to this collection, we have provided a form in which they can make their request.
The name of the collection refers to the title of the incunable “Lo somni de Johan Johan” by Jaume Gazull, the only copy book in Spain, preserved in the Historical Library of the University of Valencia.
The collection is structured in the following sections:

  1.  Civil war Posters
  2.  Darwin
  3.  Gozos
  4.  Manuscripts
  5.  Manuscripts (Duque de Calabria)
  6.  19th century
  7.  15th century
  8.  16th century
  9.  17th century
  10.  18th century
  11.  20th century