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In 1966, D.Efrén Borrajo Dacruz, Dean of the Faculty at that time, at the request of Professor of International Law D. Adolfo Miaja de la Muela, requested his Excellency U-Than (Secretary General of the United Nations) the condition that the Law School be the depository of the publications of this International Organization.
The United Nations Depositary Library of the Faculty of Dret of the University of Valencia DL / 248, began operating in December 1967, these publications were initially deposited in the Department of Public International Law.
In 1983 he took over the Depositary Library of the UN, the Library of the Faculty of Law, with the purpose of reorganizing the existing funds and leaving the treatment of the documentation in the hands of specialized personnel - library technicians - who could do it according to the UN specific rules on this matter and give it a new location.
In Spain there are four depository libraries: in Madrid (National Library and the School of Diplomatics), one in Barcelona (Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona), and in Valencia, that of the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia. These funds are currently located in the "Gregori Maians" Social Sciences Library, located on the Campus dels Tarongers -UV (2nd Floor-South Zone).
The United Nations Depositary Library of the University of Valencia (ONUBIB) receives funds published in the general distribution category called "Full Fund". These are:

    The official documents of the main organs of the UN
    Publications with sales number or subject.
    The International Treaty Series.

The publications of:

    UNDP (United Nations Development Program).
    UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Program).
    UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).
    UNCHS (United Nations Center for Human Settlements).
    UNIDIR (United Nations Institute for Disarmament).
    UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Vocational Training and Research).
    UNFPA (United Nations Fund for population activities).
    and others.

The documentation arrives from the different UN headquarters in the world and is received in its edition in Spanish, although there are also publications that, for their interest, are received in other languages ​​(such as in English and French).
United Nations Depository Library System
The Depository Libraries were created in order to make UN publications and documents distributed worldwide. Since 1946, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library (New York) has been responsible, through its depository libraries, for making all United Nations documents and publications available to all users. There are currently 367 depository libraries in 136 countries, which receive these materials. Under the condition that their collections will be maintained in good condition and will be open to the public at no cost.
Both countries that are members of the United Nations, as well as those that are not, can have a free depository collection, usually this condition falls to the National Library. In addition, if the national parliament library is open to the public, you can also receive the material at no cost. The rest of the libraries must cover an annual contribution to receive UN documentation.
Depository libraries pay an annual contribution to receive documents from the United Nations that is smaller for developing countries. The designation of depository libraries is carried out by the United Nations Publications Board, in agreement with the Chief Librarian of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library and taking into account the point of view of the Government concerned. Among other things, the degree of development of the requesting library and the general distribution of depository libraries around the world are evaluated.
The Depository Libraries of the United Nations are governed by its own rules established by the United Nations Organization, which establishes the conditions of the deposit both with respect to the conservation and cataloging of deposited documents and publications, and in relation to their public access (ST / LIB / 13 / Rev.5, of March 5, 1995)
Librarians responsible for information from the United Nations regularly visit the depository libraries to see the status of each library's collection.

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