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Once the profile name has been selected, following the commented criteria on Chapter 1 of this document, the following elements have to compulsorily be incorporated in order to uniformly identify the entities, services and units of the Universitat de València:

  1. Avatar. The official representative logo of the entity, service or unit that will be used not only in the corporative web but in all its accounts on social networks. The UWM will provide the official logos with the suitable format for each network and it will therefore be mandatory that they have their express authorisation (see
  2. Short name. Design according to the criteria mentioned in Chapter 1.
  3. Long name.
  4. Short description of the entity, service or unit.
  5. Header image. Given that this represents the institution, it is recommended to use a good quality photo (in terms of setting, lighting, etc.) of the building of the institution or a representative image of its activity or subject.

These five elements are easily located in the tab for creation of accounts of the “page” type on Facebook, as shown in Figure 2. As for the rest of the fields (phone, timetable, email address, webpage, etc.) it is recommended to include as much information as possible.
Imatge corporativa Facebook
Figure 2. Location of singular fields to be completed in the account settings on Facebook

Figure 3 shows the fields that the different elements, which have been set following the previous instructions, will occupy. This figure also shows two examples for avatars and headings.
Imatge corporativa Facebook

Figure 3. Example of the final result of the recommended setting on Facebook