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The journal collection is located on the second floor (2b) and (2a) of the library.





The collection is made up of journals of the disciplines that are taught in this campus: Economic Sciences, Legal Sciences and Social Sciences. The collection is accessible for everyone* and is distributed in the following way:

  • Open journals, collections that are currently in distribution.
  • Closed journals, are those that have stopped its writing, either because they have stopped publishing them, or because of other reasons.
  • Reserve journals, collections that started being edited before 1940 and that are currently closed.
  • Electronic journals: includes all those journals that the UVEG has subscribed to (more than 17,000 titles) and links to journals that are open access. 

Search for journals by category: https://trobes.uv.es/discovery/jsearch?vid=34CVA_UV:VU1&lang=en


If the journal is open (it is received in the library) it is necessary to locate the publication according to the map of the library (call numbers S.H). The numbers prior to 1989 of the open journals must be requested in the lending facilities of -1 floor.

If the journal is closed ( it is no longer received by the library) all the collection will be found in its respective place of closed journals: depot 2b North, Gallery 2a and 2b (call number S.H C-5 and S.H C-6).




Dialnet it is not the catalogue of the library To know if a journal is available at the Library, please search for it in the Trobes catalogue of the UVEG.

Dialnet is a portal for the dissemination of Hispanic scientific production. It is a free access database formed by a virtual journal collection that contains the indexes of the scientific and humanistic journals of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. It includes books (monographs), doctoral theses, tributes and other types of documents. The full text of many of these documents is available online.





To consult any paid journal, it is necessary to be connected to the WIFI of the UVEG or from home through the VPN.

If you have any questions, you can send your question through the service Library Responds.