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The Libraries and Documentation Service brings together all the libraries and archives of the University of Valencia. It coordinates the functioning of the various services points that exist in the different campuses of the University.

Some historical data

The origin of the Library goes back to the donation, in 1785, of the books by Francisco Pérez Baier. It was opened in 1788, being Vicente Blasco principal. Today, that library, placed on La Nau building (C/Universitat, 2, 46003, Valencia) is the Historical Library, where manuscripts, incunabula and printouts published between the 16th and 20th centuries are preserved.

Since the adoption of the statutes of the University of Valencia in 1985 a new service has been created called Bibliographic Service Information (SIB), which develops the basic tools of cohesion for all existing libraries from a common regulation.

Also it set outs a new organisational scheme with the structure of the different campuses of the University with the first libraries of the area: in 1990 the “Eduard Boscà” Sciences Library was inaugurated, in 1999 the “Gregori Maians” Social Sciences Library was inaugurated and in 2009 the “Pelegrí Casanova” Health Sciences Library was also inaugurated.

The scheme is completed with the libraries: “Joan Lluis Vives” Psychology and Sports Library, “María Moliner” Education Library, "Vicent Peset Llorca" Historical Medical Library and the “José Pizcueta” Botanical Garden Library , the Campus d'Ontinyent Library and The Intermediate Archive and the Historical Archive.There is also a Depository  Library where are the books that has a lower frequency of use. Also, in the facilities of the "Gregori Maians" Social Sciences Library (2nd Floor-South Zone), is the United Nations Depository Library (ONUBIB) -Universitat de València.

In 2006, the service adopted its current name: Library and Documentation Service.