40 jurists publish 40 short stories on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution

  • Press Office
  • December 4th, 2018
Imatge de Forges, inclosa en la coberta.
Imatge de Forges, inclosa en la coberta.

40 jurists (some of them linked to the Universitat de València) have just published a book with 40 short stories on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. The piece of work is coordinated by Carlos Flores, professor of the Universitat de València; Fernando Reviriego (UNED) and José María Enríquez (University of Valladolid).

The book is entitled “La Constitución ante la crisis de los cuarenta. Cuentos (re) constituyentes”, prefaced by Óscar Alzaga and illustrated by Forges. There are other professors of the Universitat de València who have also written in the book such as Alfredo Obarrio and Aniceto Masferrer.

It includes 40 short fiction stories (as many as years the constitutional text has) signed by many other authors (mainly constitutional jurists but also experts in other disciplines).

Apart from this narrative proposal, the pages aim to help us understand the constitutional text, particularly now on its “Midlife crisis”. They want to underline that the clauses of the constitution are alive and stir up debate on some of the most controversial aspects that it has caused in its four decades of life by means of the real or fictional experiences of its authors.  

The piece of work is related to a large literary tradition by jurists defending with facts the idea that neither Law nor Literature are self-contained areas, as well as the fact that rigour and creativity are compatible values. In this sense, it sustains the three previous books in which the constitutional values of freedom, equality and solidarity are addressed fictionally.

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