A Valencian student wins the gold medal and other two, the silver one in Estalmat, the Spanish Mathematical Olympiad 2017

  • March 28th, 2017
Spanish Mathematical Olympiad 2017

The Valencian Rafah Hajjar has won the first place in Estalmat, the Spanish Mathematical Olympiad 2017, which has been held this weekend in Madrid. Two silver medals have been awarded to other Valencian guys (Félix Moreno y Pablo Gómez) and Alejandro González has won the bronze medal. A Valencian person has not won this Olympiad since 1999.

This weekend has been taken place at the University of Alcalá the national phase of the 53rd edition of the Spanish Mathematical Olympiad for students of Bachillerato. In this edition, 77 students selected previously from local phases have participated. The team of the Region of Valencia is composed of six representatives, four of them were students of the Estalmat programme (Rafah Hajjar, Pablo Gómez, Félix Moreno and Alejandro González).

The competition presents six gold medals, twelve silver medals and eighteen bronze medals in total.  The winners of the gold medals are members of the Spanish team that will participate in the international phase that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, in July 2017.

The award ceremony was held at Paranimf of the University of Alcalá with the attendance of the vice-principal Fernando Galván; Francisco Marcellán, president of the Royal Mathematical Spanish Society, the entity in charge of the Olympiad. Estalmat programme in the Region of Valencia, that celebrates this year its 10th anniversary, is coordinated by Rafael Crespo, from the Universitat de València, and other institutions are involved such as the University of Alacant and Universitat Jaume I, and the Valencian Mathematics Teachers Society called Al-Khwarizmi.

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