Conference by Eulàlia Pérez about women in science, to present the 91 issue of Mètode

  • December 21st, 2016
Conferència Eulàlia Perez sobre les dones en la ciència

Is there gender equality in science? Do men and women have the same opportunities to develop an academic or scientific career? How do androcentric bias influence the research field? These and similar questions will be tabled on Wednesday 21 of December in the presentation of the new issue of Mètode, SheScience: Science with gender perspective”.

The presentation, organised with the collaboration of the Equality Unit of the UV, will take place at 19 hours in the Aula Magna of the Cultural Centre La Nau (Carrer de la Universitat, 2 - Valencia) and it will have the participation of the principal of the UV, Esteban Morcillo, the secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela, and Capitolina Díaz, full university professor of Sociology of the UV and coordinator of the new issue of Mètode.

Moreover, Eulalia Pérez Sedeño, philosopher who specializes in science, technology and gender and research professor in the CSIC, will offer to the conference “When sex matters”, what will complete the articles published in the magazine.

SheScience: An issue with gender perspective
The new issue of Mètode analyses the situation of women in science, the effects of the androcentric bias in the research field and the potential changes that will mean, for science and for society in general, inclusive practices.

Coordinated by Capitolina Diaz, the monograph also has the participation of Ana Sánchez, Teresa Samper-Gras, Marcela Jabbaz, Carmen Magallón, Nazareth Gallego-Morón, Carme Valls-Llobet and Marine Buet. The articles will be complemented with a tribune of Marta Macho, responsible for the blog “Women with science” and recently awarded with the Emakunde Prize for Equality, and an interview with Londa Schiebinger, director of the project Gendered Innovations. The issue has also had the collaboration of the artist Paula Bonet whose works illustrate the cover and pages of SheScience.

Mètode: A magazine to think about science
The Mètode magazine, published by the UV and directed by the biologist and journalist Martí Domínguez, was born in 1992 and nowadays it is among the main scientific dissemination publications. Throughout her 25 years of life, Mètode has maintained its commitment with the disclosure of science through the quarterly edition in Catalan and Spanish and its web page, as well as the different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram). Furthermore, the magazine has opted for new initiatives, such as the publication of the yearbook in English Mètode Science Studies Journal or the publication of the book collection Monografies Mètode.

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