10 students of the Universitat de València have been awarded the national prize to the best academic record

  • Press Office
  • December 20th, 2018

10 students of the Universitat de València have been awarded the National Prize to the Best University Academic Record of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. There have been 2 first prizes, 6 second prices and 2 third prizes. Therefore, the Universitat de València becomes the second university with more awardees.

The best academic reports of the Universitat de València cover most of the fields taught in the institution. There have been 4 awards of Arts and Humanities, 4 awards of Social and Legal Sciences, 1 award in Health Sciences and 1 award in Engineering.

The awards will be listed in the students’ academic records and are given to those students who finished their studies in the academic course 2014-2015.

The first award was given to Sonia Sofia Perelló Pigazos, graduate in English Studies, and Pablo Joaquín Martínez Carlos, graduate in Business Management and Administration. Martínez Carlos has additionally been awarded a second prize for his bachelor’s degree in Law. Second prices have also been awarded to Cristina Zapata de Miguel (Phycology), Federico Zomeño Breitenstein (Computer Science), Alberto Armero Estruch (Political Sciences and Public Administration), Raul Ramon Guillem (Labour Relations and Manpower) and Gemma Ibáñez Pérez Classical Philology). The third prize has been awarded to Alejandra Hernández Ruiz, graduate in Spanish Language and Literature, and Pablo Sanahuja Ferrer, graduate in History.

The Ministry has given 57 first prizes in Spain (€3,300), 57 second prizes (€2,650) and 57 third prizes (€2,200).