The future of the productive model and the innovation, discussed in ADEIT

  • Fundació Universitat-Empresa
  • October 16th, 2019
Seminari model productiu

Discuss about the transformation of the Valencian productive model has been considered since decades as consequence of its excessive orientation in the real-state sector. The economic crisis has showed it up the weakness of this model in a globalized world and the need to bet for a new model based on the innovation and the knowledge technologies.

In this context, Càtedra Prospect 2030, which is run by Joan Romero, full university professor of Human Geography of the Universitat de València, presents a new seminar. It is entitled “Modelo productive e innovación. Retos de futuro” (Productive modal and innovation. Challenges for the future). ADEIT has been the chosen place for the two experts’ panels, organised by Inter-university Institute for Local Development (IIDL), Cátedra Prospect 2030 and the Department of Geography of the Universitat de València, in collaboration with the ADEIT Foundation.

Andrés García Reche, executive Vice-President of Asociación Valenciana de Innovación (Valencian Association of Innovation), will give the opening conference. The institutional closing will have the presence of the General Director of Innovation of the Valencian Government, Sonia Tirado.

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