Entrepreneurship, international projection and emerging professions will focus the interest in the Occupation Forum of the Faculty of Law

Estand de creació de marca personal a la Facultat de Filologia

The Occupation and Entrepreneurship Forum is taking place tomorrow, on the 3rd of April, in the Faculty of law up to 9.00 a.m. Through the UVOcupació service, the Universitat de València boosts the employability of the graduates, accomplishing with its educational goal as a public university apart from fomenting the quality job placement and giving guarantees to its students.

The conference will start with an speech on different emerging jobs linked to the new technologies and sensitive data manipulation given by several experts on cibersecurity, mediation and data protection.  

The morning will continue with a room dedicated to entrepreneurship, linked to the business ethics and the social responsibility with representatives of the Area of Entrepeneurship of the Universitat de València, of the programme Motivem or professionals of Mercantile Law.  

The attendants could also know the professional perspectives in the European Union regarding cooperation for the development and international litigation.  In order to obtain information about the employment opportunities in Europe, Ana Enguídanos, the head of Europe Direct in València; the head of the International Relations Service of the Universitat de València, Carlos Pomer, and representatives of several judicial services of European institutions.   All the speeches will take place in the Hall of the Faculty of Law.  Moreover, the speeches will be available in a live broadcast in the website of the ‘Sala de Graus’.

As the head of UVocupació, Marisa Quintanilla,  explained, the forum will deal with several workshops and speeches on some of the jobs which require concrete technical profiles, apart from ”skillbasics”, in other words, the capacities and abilities as a whole, such as the work in teams, public exhibition or language skills. They all, together with the encouragement and the will to be part of the work world, complete the qualities of the demanding worker. ‘This individual format, according to the studies of the Faculty or the centre where it is organised, facilities and combines the student’s necessities with the necessities of the entrepreneurs’, highlighted she.  

The speed networking with companies is another of the initiatives which is giving excellent results among students and the professional world according Quintanilla. This initiative develops a room focused on knowing about the company by giving a short description of each of them and encouraging the interaction with the representatives of these companies, so that the students know better the selection processes.

In the afternoon, the Forum will continue with seminars and more specific speeches on competitive examinations and public occupation in the Public, Justice and Treasury Administration in different spaces of the Faculty.

The experts who participated in the previous meetings repeatedly underlined the importance of creating a solid professional profile in the social media, so that the highest success could be reached when seeking for a job.  Therefore, and as it is common in this new forum format, UVocupació will have a stand with its team of coaches and occupation technicians who will offer the students the possibility of review their curricula and personal brands through their express workshops.  Over 30 companies and institutions will have a stand in the centre.

Participating companies

The Forum of Occupation and Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Law was sponsored by Valènciactiva, the regional government of Occupation and Entrepreneurship of the City hall of València, the professional offices Gómez-Acebo&Pombo, Uría Menéndez, Garrigues i Broseta; the multinational companies Bricomart, Deloitte, Nationale Nederlanden, Hipoges Iberia, apart from the participation of Adams Formación, the Statal Agency of Treasury Admisnitration, Aquaservice, Asociación de Asesores Fiscales, Brandsen Tourgot, Cef Levante, Language Centre of the Universitat de València, Colegio Profesional de Mediadores de Seguros de Valencia, Cruz Roja Española, Cuatrecasas, Enterprise Rent a Car, Europe Direct Comunitat Valenciana, Fundación de Estudios Bursátiles y Financieros, ADEIT, Plug and Play Platform Spain, Primark, PwC, Torrecid and Travelingua.

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