The Faculty of Medicine hosts the 15th Congreso Español de Salud Ambiental

  • May 27th, 2019

The Universitat de València has been the epicentre for the dissemination of health information, dealing with issues related to what the World Health Organisation considers to be the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century: climate change.

The last day of the 15th Congreso Español and the 5th Ibero-American Congress of Environmental Health took place on Friday 24 May.  This symposium lasted three days at the Faculty of Medicine and Odontology of the Universitat de València, which also hosted the 2nd Conference of the Spanish Aerobiology Society where attendees discussed environmental health versus climate change.  

From Wednesday to Friday, members of the national and international health community enjoyed a wide variety of informative, educative and debate activities in which they discussed what the World Health Organization considers the greatest threat to global health of the twenty-first century: climate change.  
In this way, the congress has served as a stage to address issues such as the appearance of new invasive species, disease vectors, problems arising from air pollution, the concentration of chemicals in the environment, and so on. In addition, it has had the participation of internationally renowned professionals, making the Universitat de València the epicentre of international health dissemination.  

 The rector of the Universitat de València, Mª Vicenta Mestre; the president of the Congress, José Vicente Martí; the president of the Scientific Committee, Ricardo Jiménez; the president of the Spanish Society of Environmental Health (SESA), Isabel Marín; and the general director of Public Health, Quality and Innovation, Pilar Aparicio were the authorities who presided over the closing ceremony of the congress and were in charge of awarding prizes to the winners for the best exhibitions and communications that have taken place over the three days. 

The principal highlighted that “congresses like this make it possible to increase knowledge, establishing new lines of research and tools that help us to seek answers and overcome the problems that we as a society, as a university and as researches have to assume. Recipients of the award 

Prizes for the best communications awarded by the Spanish Society of Environmental Health (SESA) 

1.º: Viñas Casola and collaborators of the Huelva Territoral Delegation of the * Health Council of the Andalusian Regional Government. 

2.º: Irene Corbella Cordomí and collaborators of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCAT) 3.º: Vale Sanlés and collaborators de la Territorial Headquarters of the Pontevedra Health Ministry. 

Prize for the best communication of the Community of Madrid. Awarded by Madrid Official Pharmacists Association. 

1st prize: Veiga Ochoa and Panero Frade from the National Centre for Environmental Health.  

Prize for the best communication of the Valencian Community. Awarded by Illustrious in the Official College of Pharmacists of Valencia. 

1st prize: Guadalupe Sastre and collaborators of GAMASER. 

SESPAS Award to best communication. Awarded by Spanish Association of Public Health and Healthcare (SESPAS). 

1st prize: Oliveras and collaborators of the Public Health Agency of Barcelona. 

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