Researchers Chantal Ferrer and Maria Moreno, awarded RSEF and BBVA Foundation

  • Fundació Parc Científic
  • December 14th, 2018
Chantal Ferrer, María Moreno.
Chantal Ferrer, María Moreno.

Chantal Ferrer, researcher of the Institute of Material Science (ICMUV), and María Moreno, research of the Institut de Física Corpuscular (IFIC), which headquarters are both in the Scientific Park of the Universitat de València, have been given the 2018 “Teaching and Physics Dissemination” and “Novice Researcher in Experimental Physics” respectively from the Investigador Novell en Física Experimental’, respectively, Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF) and the BBVA Foundation.

Chantal Ferrer Roca, researcher of the ICMUV and current director of the department of Applied Physics and Electromagnetism, organises numerous activities for science dissemination aimed at high school students. Some of the activities and projects in which the researcher is involved include the La Fira-Concurs Experimenta de Demostracions de Física i Tecnologia, Come to the Aula Experimenta with your students, a preparation course for the Physics Olympics; the work group Física Arquímedes (high school-university), Un viatge fantàstic amb peus en la física of the Scientific Summer Campus (International Campus of Excellence VLC/CAMPUS); the different displays of physics in the faculty; the promotion and preparation of several formation courses for high school teachers; and the collaboration with the Expociència workshop. The jury has outlined the innovative, creative and experimental character of her teaching and dissemination tasks in Physics.


María Moreno Llácer, is an alumni of the Universitat de València and IFIC (mixed centre of UV-CSIC), and she recently reincorporated to this institute recently After her stay at the CERN and the University of Gotinga, she has been given the award for her notorious role in the collaboration ATLAS of the Large Hadron Collider of the CERN.

She has been a coordinator of different research groups on the physics of quark top at CERNAl CERN, within the collaboration ATLAS, which researches new phenomena linked to this particle and studies how it is related to the Boson Higgs, the particle discovered in 2012 which completes the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

The RSEF award and the BBVA Foundation, given in the headquarters of the Foundation in Madrid, have recognised as well the visibility of María Moreno as a remarkable researcher in her field as she has presented the scientific community some of the most important results obtained in this collaboration.

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