Mavi Mestre (Sports Ceremony): “You are so important for Universitat de València”

Participants en la Gala de l'Esport
Participants en la Gala de l'Esport

“You are so important for Universitat de València”. These were the words of Mavi Mestre, Principal of Universitat de València, in her closing speech of 11th Sports Ceremony. The act took place on Thursday in Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication of Blasco Ibáñez Campus.

Another year, the Universitat de València recognised the amazing results of its sportspeople in the different competitions of last season. “Thank you all from the heart, from the emotion and from the pride that I feel as Principal of Universitat de València. The Universitat is proud of all that we are living today, of all that we are celebrating because you are so much people, women and men, and your are very good. For that, the Universitat congratulates you, appreciate your effort”, declared the Principal.

Effort, work, equality and inclusion, ethos that the Principal highlighted in her speech, “we all are equal and we all can achieve these aims that you planned, but you can also achieve more and better because you are together, because you form a team”, remarked the Principal and added: “I want you to feel proud of Universitat de València as I am feeling now of you”.

On his part, Antonio Ariño, Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport, pointed out the role of Sports in the university community. “Sports isn’t a secondary activity for the university, it is a key activity for the full comprehensive training of people”, said Ariño.

The ceremony had the presence of the Director of Physical Education and Sports Service, Vicente Añó; Sports General Director of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government), Josep Miquel Moya; the General Manager of Municipal Sports Foundation of the City Council of València, Borja Santamaría, and the dean of Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Salvador Llana, among other authorities of the Valencian Sports.

Awarded people

This year was awarded Elena López, ex-player of rugby sevens UV’s team; Adrián Pastor, ex-player of men volleyball UV’s team; and Andrea Micó, ex-player of UV’s team of frontenis. In this edition, there was an award for adapted sport for Gabi Calvo, UV’s team player of futsal in electric wheelchair.

At institutional level, the work of Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government), València City Council, Cullera City Council and Aras de los Olmos and Titaguas City Council were recognised because they have supported the development of different competitions of Spain organised by Universitat de València.

A live ceremony

The 11th Sports Ceremony was live broadcasted through the YouTube channel of Physical Education and Sports Service of Universitat de València. The ceremony counted with a more active participation of the present people, defined by the previous interviews and the speeches of sportspeople, coaches and present authorities during the ceremony.

You can see the 11th Sports Ceremony at:

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