onlineofficeUV, the new Online Office of the University

  • Head Office
  • March 4th, 2021

The University continues to expand and improve the electronic administrative services offered to the university community and society. As a result, onlineofficeUV, the new faster, more effective and efficient online office portal of the University has been launched. The new portal replaces the old manager, known as ENTREU.

The University of Valencia, as part of their constant improvement strategies, has launched the new Online Office, available at the following address

The new web portal replaces the previous electronic procedures manager, known as ENTREU, which was a pioneer among the e-administration systems of Valencian public administrations.

A new design developed for people, in line with UV identity

The new online office of the University has a new brand, onlineofficeUV, which has fully integrated into the graphic design and visual identity of the University of Valencia. Accessibility has also been significantly improved, with a simpler and more intuitive design, in keeping with the style of the University’s web portals.

The user experience has been analysed in order to carry out this transformation, with the aim of reducing the number of clicks necessary to complete an electronic procedure. A responsive design has also been included so that procedures can be quickly carried out from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Reviewing procedures to improve service to the university community and society

A complete review of over 150 electronic procedures available to the university community has also been conducted.

Thus, the information, services and electronic procedures have been reorganised, simplifying the processes for students, teaching and research staff (PDI), administrative and service staff (PAS), research staff (PI) and the general public.

A news section, which connects the online office portal with every body, service and unit of the University, has also been designed, together with a complete catalogue of available electronic procedures.

Access to onlineofficeUV, from different password systems

The new online office of the University of Valencia can be accessed using the username and password of the university community services, which all workers and students of the University have.

It can also be accessed with an electronic certificate or using the Cl@ve system, which is designed to unify and simplify electronic access to public services for citizens, so that they can use a single identification system for different public administrations.

A web portal to provide information on electronic management

In addition to launching the new online office, the University has opened an information portal on electronic management, which can be accesed via the following address

The portal allows you to consult easily and in a single place how to use the different electronic management services of the UV: corporate signature books for the electronic signature of documents with electronic certificates and secure verification codes (SVC), information on how the online office and the procedure manager (TRAMITAMOS) work, details on the new electronic register (GEISER), use of VALIJA as a corporate communication channel between units and with citizens through general and internal instances, and other electronic services provided by the e-administration of the University of Valencia.

A collective effort of the entire UV for the entire UV and society

Other electronic services resulting from the joint work of the technical services of the University will be added to the previous services throughout 2021.

In particular, the Computer Service (SIUV) and the Web and Marketing Unit (UWB), under the coordination of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Strategy, Quality and Information Technologies and the Office of the General Manager of the University, through the electronic management direction of the University.