Protecpol Chair of the Universitat de València organises the 1st International Congress of citizen coexistence

  • May 8th, 2017
Convivencia Ciudadana

The Congress ‘Convivencia ciudadana: mediación, conciliación y técnicas de prevención y resolución del conflicto ciudadano’ will take place on 9 and 10 May in the salón de actos of the Faculty of Social Sciences. This symposium counts on an academic and practical group of experts who will analyse the tools to solve the coexistence problems.

The 1st International Congress has been organised by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation and the Chair for Citizen Protection, in collaboration with the City Hall of Valencia, the Valencian Local Police Fundation and the Faculty of Law. The director of the Chair, Paz Lloria (Department of Criminal Law. UV), Has explained that this symposium tries to “lay the foundations that allow to establish the proper framework for the search of the best solution for coexistence problems”.  According to Professor Lloria, the resolution of the current neighboring, working and familiar coexistence problems is not only responsibility of the authorities. “The most effective key to decrease this problem is the adoption of preventative, mediators and reparative techniques. So, this congress will analyse what these techniques consist of and which possibilities they offer, how they have been regulated and which news provide”, has explained the director of the Protecpol Chair.  

The event will start on 9 May and it will be opened by the city councilwoman of Citizen Protection of the city hall of Valencia, Anaïs Menguzzato, the dean of the Faculty of Law, María Elena Olmos and the general intendant Valencian Local Police chief, José Serrano. Then, Belén Andrés (Department of Administrative Law. UV) will moderate a round table about mediation as a legal tool of conflict resolution, in which participate Gerardo Carballo (expert in administrative mediation), Beatriz Belando (professor of Administrative Law. UV), Amparo Peris (president of the mediation institution IVMED) and Raquel Castillejo (director of the Integral Centre of analysis and conflict resolution of the University of Santiago de Compostela). The second round table will focus on the practical experience of the Local Police, and it will be moderated by the director of the Protecpol Chair.

In the evening, there will be two practical workshops at the same time. One of them is titled ‘Transmitiendo el valor del diálogo y la participación de la ciudadanía’, and it is about police mediation. The other  ‘La mediación educativa como método de resolución de conflictos’, will offer solutions for coexistence problems in the educational context and will be taught by UV professor Carlos Caurín (Department of Experimental and Social Sciences Teaching).

The session of 10 May will be divided in two sections. The first one will be moderated by the police officer of the Valencian Local Police, Antonio Berlanga, and will be about an analysis of the mediation possibilities in the different legal areas. In this round table, will participate the following people: professors of the Universitat de València Virginia Pardo (Procedural Law), César Chaves (Criminal Law), Sonia Rodríguez (Civil Law) and Carlos Caurín (Department of Experimental and Social Sciences Teaching). The second section will talk about a contrastive experience moderated by the vice-dean of Criminology and Political Science of the Faculty of Law, Beatriz Belando.  Professors Antonio Cassatella (Trento University –Italy–), Isabel Celeste (Minho University –Portugal–), Claudia Sofía Melo (Minho University –Portugal–) will share their knowledge and experiences.

The colsing ceremony of the 1st International Congress of citizen coexistence will be carried out by the Vice-Principals Guillermo Palao (Internationalisation and Cooperation) and Jorge Hermosilla (Participation and Screening Territorial); the general director of the Civil Security and Emergency Response Agency , José María Ángel; the director of the Chair, Paz Lloria; and the Vice-Dean of the faculty, Beatriz Belando.

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