Sessions study innovations in cultural pedagogy

  • November 24th, 2016
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The Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences hosts on 24 and 25 November the sessions “New learning atmospheres for arts and culture”. The sessions, organised by CREARI Cultural Pedagogies Research Group and the University Institute of Educational Creativity and Innovation, consolidate the works developed by the UV in this field during the last years.

The main objective of the sessions, according to its director, Ricard Huerta, is “to renovate the educational environments far beyond the classrooms, raising the possibility of generating favourable spaces for educational action, in accessible geographies as well as in virtual environments”. “We want to generate a reflection space keeping an eye on the collaborative spirit and the in-person participation of the attendants”, says Huerta.

The sessions will be attended by university researchers from different countries, institutional authorities, teachers and those people who, from an educational perspective as well as from the university, are interested in the analysis of the current situation of the educational environments, in order to review what has been done up to now in this field, and above everything, to manage future proposals