The Universitat collaborates with the ethnobotanical garden in Aras, located in the former cemetery, which has been awarded the best environmental initiative

  • October 26th, 2016
Ethnobotanical garden in Aras

The Universitat de València collaborates in different initiatives with the ethnobotanical garden of Aras de los Olmos, located in the former cemetery, a project that has been awarded on Wednesday the best environmental initiative of the 3rd Competition of Cemeteries that was called by the ‘Adiós Cultural’ magazine. Joaquín Martín Cubas, professor of Political Science and Administration of the Universitat de València, is one of the promoters of the ethnobotanical garden in the framework of the plan for sustainable development in the municipality.

The collaboration of the Universitat is carried out in different areas. On the one hand, it is being made a research project on rare species, endangered species and species of special interest. Among others, it participates the laboratory of germplasm of the Universitat de València. Furthermore, the Botanical Garden of the Universitat de València guides the ethnobotanical garden by means of an agreement with the City Hall of Aras de los Olmos. They also participate the Institute of Local Development of the Universitat de València and the Astronomic Observatory of the Universitat de València.

The former cemetery in Aras de los Olmos, located in the local government area of Serranos, had fallen into disused since 1995.

The award of the ‘Adiós Cultual’ magazine is of €2000 and is granted in Madrid on Wednesday 26.

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