The Universitat de València imposes itself in the fourth derby of the CADU league against the Politècnica

  • February 10th, 2017
Derby of the CADU league

The Universitat de València made a clean sweet. The Univeristat had the victory as local and as visitor in all the matches of the team competition that were played yesterday against the Universitat Politècnica de València in the fourth session of the Regional University Sports Championship (CADU).

The derby started at midday at the facilities of the Universitat de València with the five-a-side male team. The team headed by Javier Arnau was qualified for the Final against the Politècnica with a comfortable 7-3 result. The guys of the Universitat de València played “looking forward to compete and with ambition” as his coach said and that is what helped to ensure the place for the final match.

The male football players of the Universitat faced the players of the Politècnica in the football field of the Tarongers Campus, imposing themselves with a comfortable 4-0. 

The basketball teams, both male and female, triumphed at home too. They played in the north hall of the Aulari V and despite the hostility expected, both one and the other finalised victors the session with 81 points in the score for the female team against the 51 points of the Politècnica and 74 points the male team of José Manuel Casares against the 38 points of the visiting team.

Simultaneously, the girls of the female five-a-side played their match in the University Sports Pavillion. The girls of Ángel Zurilla, who faced the session with enthusiasm resulted also victors against a Politècnica that was not rival. The result: 5-1. They are now closer to the final, something that will be decided during the next meeting.

As visitant, the Universitat de València teams played all the meetings in the Sports Pavillion of the Universitat Politècnica de València. The girls of the team inaugurated the session of female handball and after them, played their partners of the male team. The female handball team, headed by Sagrario Santana, was right waiting for a “tough game”, nevertheless, they managed to gain with a 20-26 to the locals. “The players wanted to return to competition and were motivated to achieve the aim”, pointed out the trainer.

It was the same for their male counterparts. The Juan Ángel Perdigón team, triumphed at home with a 22-27. The trainer anticipated that the yesterday match had “a great rivalry”, given the circumstances, because the injuries have been constants this season. However, the set of the Universitat can now breathe deeply and safely because they will be in the final.

There are more victories for the Universitat in the female volleyball too. The girls finished with a celebrated 0-3, the same score as their partners of the male volleyball.

Paddle and Tennis
The fourth session of the CADU, which was played yesterday at the Universitat Politècnica de València, stands in front of the league the paddle team of the Universitat de València. The victory was major: the set came back home with a perfect 3-0. The individual male was for Javier Santonja with a 6-4and for Jorge Falcó with a 6-1. In the individual female, Tamara Icardo and Paloma Cerdà imposed themselves, as planned, both with 6-1. The mixed couple, formed by Paula Pastor and Javier Rodríguez, won with 6-3 and 6-4. “With this victory we are closer to playing, one more year, the final of the CADU”, celebrated yesterday their trainer, Jorge Bellmont.

The Universitat won the individual male in Tennis with David Sánchez (6-4, 7-6) although the fortune did not go with the mixed of Raúl Gil and Paula Álvarez. The couple had to play the set of tie-break losing with a 10-8 in the supertiebreak. The individual female, played by Andrea Cervera, was won by the Politècnica.