The Universitat de València produces the TVE series “Universo Sostenible” for CRUE


The Universitat, by means of the Audio-visual Workshop and the Scientific and Innovative Culture Unit, produces for CRUE Universidades Españolas the scientific dissemination series “Universo Sostenible”. It has an audio-visual format developed in collaboration with several Spanish universities that produce this type of audio-visual format.

Universo Sostenible is broadcasted in La2 programme “La aventura del saber” of TVE thanks to the collaboration agreement between CRUE, TVE and UV. This series of scientific dissemination has a transmedia nature, in which the UV Audio-visual Workshop is the executive producer. It includes the most modern technological applications, such as the so-called red button.  

The series has two seasons, consisting in 12 chapters each. This project was required by CRUE Spanish Universities in a joint request by the Audio-visual and Multimedia materials, Dissemination and Scientific Culture units of 27 universities belonging to CRUE, including the Universitat de València.

In the first season, which started in July, the academic course restarts with the broadcasting on 12th September of the 3rd chapter entitled “El cáncer, ¿una enfermedad crónica?”  This emission analyses the main lines of research on cancer, which is an uncontrolled process of cell division that can start in a focused area or spread to the surrounding tissues.  There are different types of cancer that can have different effects depending on the age and the gender.

Experts such as the professor Ana Lluch of the Faculty of Medicine, explain the reasons why cells become tumorous as well as the most important researches that are being conducted in university centres to detect and take care of different types of cancer. Additionally, the last technologies will be shown, such as the 3D models or Photonics, to develop new and less invasive treatments.

Equally, the next week the 4th chapter entitled “¿Qué comeremos mañana?” will be broadcasted. The UV Audio-visual Workshop takes part in the production and editing. The 5th chapter, entitled “¿Cuánto le queda al planeta?”, will count with the collaboration of the expert in microbiology and ecology of the Universitat, Antonio Camacho. He will address the lines of research in the field, from the improvements in renewable energies to its implementation in digital technologies of the so-called industry 4.0.

You can watch the series online in the platform A la carta of TVE.

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