The Universitat and Valencia's City Council award 30,000 euros to the eleven winners of 'Emergent's

Photo of the winners
Photo of the winners

The aid programme ‘Emergents’ for creativity, innovation and socio-cultural integration in Valencia has published the 11 winners and the 2 secondary awards of this fourth edition. The awarded proposals for this initiative supported by the Universitat de València, through the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport and Valencia's City Council, through the Regidoria de Joventut, will share a prize of 30,000 euros for their development.

‘Emergents’ collaborates with the Concejalía de Juventud of Valencia’s City Hall with the purpose of supporting socio-cultural interventions organised by entities or collectives that take place in Valencia. Each of these initiatives of social and cultural scope will receive a maximum of 4,000 euros to develop activities related to the fields of performing arts, pedagogy, urbanism and/or visual arts.

The ceremony has been presided over by Antonio Ariño, vice-principal for Culture and Sport of the Universitat and Silvia Martí, head of service of the Concejalía de Juventud of Valencia’s City Council. The evaluating committee of the projects has been formed by Esther Alba, Senior Lecturer of the History of the Art department of the Universitat de València; Ana Mª Chillarón, Management Technician of the Universitat de València; José Luis López, head of section of Programas y Proyectos of the Concejalía de Juventud of Valencia’s City Council and Isabel Puig, artistic educator and cultural manager. 

The 11 awarded projects, in detail

The 11 winners stand out because of their diversity of activities as well as for their location in different places of the city. 
The projects ‘Supernenas’ at the district of Marxalenes, ‘Fes el teu propi cinema’ in Benimaclet and ‘Mitología del Barrio’, in Saïdia, propose the realisation of videos with the people who live in the districts so that they can learn the tools of fiction and transmit their own stories. 

Related to photography, the ‘Pla d’Actuació sobre el comerç de proximititat al barri de Patraix’ proposes an action model against the disparition of the proximity trade applicable to the different districts of Valencia. 

The proposal ‘Veus de Barri’ will be developed in the districts of Malvarrosa, Patraix, Arrancapins and Malilla, the purpose of which is to bring art and culture closer to the Valencian districts through collectives of young people who work with arts. 
The documentary ‘Vides creuades’ will be carried out in the district of Orriols and aims at connecting the different stories of the people of the area with the purpose of contributing to the social integration of the cultural diversity of the district. 

Other projects will be carried out at the districts of Nazaret, Benimaclet and Saïdia. ‘Parkour Nazaret: deporte urbano para la inclusión social’ proposes activities related to audiovisuals, dance and urban sport for social inclusion, personal growth and values education. 

The project ‘Gastrodiversas, saberes culinarios para la integración’, consists in the ellaboration of an intercultural recipe book by a group of women of different nationatilities in the district of La Amistad. They will carry out practical workshops and an open day in which the recipes will be prepared so that everyone can taste them. 

The projects ‘Músicas Brutas’, ‘Artistas Diversos’ and ‘Rompecabezas’ have also been awarded. These three projects are related to the plastic arts to improve the life conditions in different districts. 

Two secondary awards have also been granted. One is for the project ‘Coral Allegro Once Valencia’, that aims at promoting social awareness against inequality through choir music. The choir is formed by a group of 40 boys and girls, the half of which have a visual disability. The other secondary award has been given to ‘Sord no Mut’, a project that aims at making the world of theatre, dance and music accessible for everyone without barriers.


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