The University of Valencia and GEMME sign a collaboration agreement on mediation

María Elena Cobas, Javier Plaza, Juan Fco. Mejías Gómez.
María Elena Cobas, Javier Plaza, Juan Fco. Mejías Gómez.

GEMME (Groupement européen des magistrats pour la mediation) is the European Association of judges and magistrates for mediation, of which are members, exceptionally, academics of recognized prestige in the field, such as Professor Javier Plaza Penadés

Therefore, GEMME has promoted, through its institutional Vice President, Judge Juan Fco Mejías Gómez, the signing of this Agreement with Universitat de València, whose academic direction will be carried out by the research group (of excellence) GIUV 2013-118 on «European Private Law» , whose IP is Javier Plaza, and which has prestigious components such as Prof. Dr. María Elena Cobas, who was also present at the signing ceremony of the report of the aforementioned Agreement.

For this agreement has been planned the joint participation of UV-GEMME in congresses, seminars and national and European research projects.

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