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Alcon Chair
Alfons Cucó Chair
Chair for Artistic Studies. 20th/21th Century (IVAM-UV-UPV-UMH)
ATA-UV Chair for Self-Employment
Banco Santander Chair for International Finance
Bienvenido Oliver Chair for Real Estate
Chair for Business Culture
Business and Humanism Chair
CAPGEMINI-UV Chair for Innovation in Software Development 
Carles Ros Chair for Notarial Law
Chair for Citizen Participation and Valencian Landscapes
Chair for Citizen Protection-Local Police of Valencia
Chair for Contemporary Thought
Chair for the Economy for the Common Good
Chair for Feminist Economics
Cooperativa Caixa Popular Chair for Territory Development and Valencian Social Economy
Demetrio Ribes Chair
Democratic Memory Chair
Development Studies UNESCO's Chair
DevStat-UV Chair on Quantitave Decision-making
Divina Pastora Adapted Sports Chair
Entrepreneurship Excellence and Development Chair: from Student to Entrepreneur
Family Business Chair
FISABIO Chair for the Promotion of Biomedical Research
IECO-UV Business Ethics Chair
Ignacio Pinazo Chair
Jean Monnet Chair
Joan Fuster Chair
Josep Lluís Blasco Estellés Chair for Philosophy and Citizenship
Luis Amigó Chair
Ontinyent Town Hall-Caixa Ontinyent-Eset University Chair for Innovation and Arrangement of Intelligent Territories
Open Government, Participation and Open Data Chair
Privacy and Digital Transformation Chair Microsoft-UV
SISTEM Chair of Innovation and Support the Efficient Management and Sustainability of Urban Mobility
Valencian Foundation of Higher Studies Chair
Valencian Local Law Chair
Valencian School for Health Studies-EVES Chair
Valencian Pilota Chair
Chair for Valencian Regional Law
Chair for Valencian Territorial Culture
Valencian Territorial Studies Chair ESTEVAL
Chair for the Three Religions
Würth EMC Chair