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    The Science Library and the Pharmacy Room will be closed on Friday 10th for the opening of the academic year.
    (They will be closed from Friday to Sunday).

  • Guia lecturas


    Summer Reading Guide

    At the Library of Sciences we've prepared an online exhibition of a variety of popular science books relating to many different areas and open to everyone, which we hope you will enjoy.

    Happy reading and have a good summer!

  • Expositor


    Diversitats Bibliography

    At the Eduard Boscà Science Lybrary we have an stand with books on diversity/LGTBIQ+, to honour the UN declaration of June 28 as the international day of LGTB pride.

    We offer a free gift for each loan.

    Diversitats poster

  •  Horari extraordinari en període d'exàmens


    Expansion of the extraordinary opening of libraries at the University of Valencia

    The Library of Sciences Eduard Boscà will open from June 9th to July 1st, from Monday to Sunday to 08:15am to 06:00am.
    To access in the library in this period, the users will identify with the university card.
    During the extraordinary opening hours there will be no loan service, only study in the room.
    You can consult the extraordinary schedules of the rest of Libraries of the UV in our web page.

  • préstec al despatx


    "Préstec al Despatx" (Loan in the office)


    The "Préstec al Despatx" (Loan in the Office) is a test service destined to the PAS and PDI of the University of Valencia. For now, four libraries of the University of Valencia will participate in the project.

    The University of Valencia PAS and PDI may request the books from the “Gregori Maians” Social Sciences Library, the “Eduard Boscà” Science Library, the “María Moliner” Education Library and the Historical Library  through the catalog Trobes, and the library will send them directly to the applicants' offices.

    Consult the procedure and regulations for the new service on our website.

  • milotxa


    Easter opening timetable

    The Eduard Boscà Library of Sciencies and the Pharmacy Room will be closed from 1 to 12 April, both inclusive.

    The Joan Reglà Humanities Library and the José Pizcueta Botanical Garden Library will be open from 6 to 9 April from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm. During this period, a loan and reading room service will be offered, as well as the rest of the usual library services. Use of the library is restricted to people with a UV university card.

    More information.

    Remember that responses to book reservations and queries on theLibrary  Respond form will be slowed during this period.