A research of the Universitat de València on the myotonic dystrophy has been selected by CaixaImpulse programme

  • August 9th, 2017

A research of the Universitat de València on the myotonic dystrophy coordinated by Beatriz Llamusí and Rubén Artero is one of the 23 selected projects of the CaixaImpulse programme for 2017. The selected project –MBNL– aims at developing and placing on the market new drugs for the treatment of the disease.

The group of Beatriz Llamusí and Rubén Artero, both from the Department of Genetics, is integrated in ERI Biotecmed. The myotonic dystrophy is a degenerative disease that provokes serious multisystemic problems with symptoms in the nervous, cardiac and musculoskeletal system.

CaixaImpulse is a non-profit programme organised by La Caixa Foundation and Caixa Capital Risc to promote the creation of new companies in the scientific field and new products in the health and life sciences field.

More specifically, the CaixaImpulse Programme aims to support and tutor university and research projects that wish to transfer a protected asset (patent, know-how), through the development of its Valuation Plan for its subsequent effective transfer to the market, either as a spin-off or as a transfer agreement. In order to be successful and to maximize the value of the asset, CaixaImpulse offers not only financial support but also a complete training programme with experts and investors from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

This third call of the CaixaImpulse programme, in which 80 projects of research centres, hospitals and universities in Spain (73) and Portugal (7) were presented, will allocate 3.5 million to the valorisation of the 23 selected biotechnological projects, among which is the MBNL project presented by the Universitat de València.

La Caixa Foundation and Caixa Capital Risc launched this programme with the aim of improving the field of innovation in science, in which Spain is ranked 17th within the European Union. According to the report Innovation Union Scoreboard 2017 (IUS), Spain has ‘pioneering infrastructures, research centres and top professionals’, which is a ‘very valuable source of knowledge to generate wealth’, but fails in the field of valuation and commercialisation.

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