Dolors Corella eligible for the Nils Foss Excellence Prize due to her nutrigenomics research

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • September 28th, 2018

Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health in the Universitat de València Dolors Corella entered the shortlist to be eligible for the Nils Foss Excellence Prize, endowed with EUR 100.000. According to FOSS, the researcher, also director of the UV Research Unit of Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology, has contributed extensively to the field of nutrigenomics in recent years, both at the level of academic publications and with the application of results in the form of patents.

This prize has been established in recognition of Foss, Danish civil engineer (1928-2018) founder of Foss, for solutions on food quality. The Nils Foss Excellence Prize, that will be awarded in November, acknowledges an internationally recognised scientist who has demonstrated at least 10 years of excellent innovative research within the food, feed and agricultural area landing to significant improvements in sustainability, quality or safety of analytical technologies.

Dolors Corella is eligible along with researchers Alejandro Cifuentes Gallego and Robert David Hall. Regarding her area of expertise, FOSS acknowledges that nutrigenomics is fast on track to becoming a key tool in the development of healthy new diets and functional foods, but it requires new approaches that provide information about the response of the individual to specific foods. According to FOSS, the Valencian scientist has applied nutrigenomics as a tool to carry out this type of studies showing innovative application of analytical technologies.

To be awarded the Nils Foss Excellence Award, it is also an advantage if the candidate scientist has shown entrepreneurship based on the conducted research. At least 75% of the prize must be used for further research.



Dolors Corella Piquer is group leader of CIBEROBN since 2006. She began her biomedical research career in the Institute of Cytological Investigations of Valencia, where she focused her studies in the genomics applied to the prevention of cardiometabolic diseases and specialised in the study of so-called gene-environment interactions. Among the environmental factors, she highlighted diet, and she has been a pioneer, along with José María Ordovás, in the development of Nutritional Genomics.

She published more than 325 articles in important international journals and has directed more than 20 doctoral theses. She is currently focusing her research on the integration of omics along with nutrition and gastronomy to provide a more holistic view of health.


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