The Universitat awards the Extraordinary Doctorate Awards 2016-2017

Premis extraordinaris doctorat 2016/17
Foto: Miguel Lorenzo

In total have been 75 doctors award-winners this academic course from all areas of knowledge of the Universitat de València. At the beginning of the act, everyone present held one minute of silence in memory of the worker that yesterday lost his life in an occupational accident in the Principal Peset Hall of Residence.

The principal of the Universitat de València, Mª Vicenta Mestre, has chaired the act together with the vice-principal of Studies and Language Policy, Isabel Vázquez, director of the Escuela de Doctorado, José Vicente Bagán, general secretary of the University, Mª Elena Olmos, and the secretary of the Escuela de Doctorado, Ismael Mingarro.

The Evaluation Commission of Nursing and Physiotherapy awarded to Marta Inglés de la Torre, and In Mathematics has been awarded Guillermo Vinué Visús, while in Physics the prizes have been for Carlos Hidalgo Luque, Francesca Aceti and Justos Martín-Albo Simón. In Chemistry, the distinguished doctors has been José Jaime Baldoví Jachán, Juan Luis Benedé Veiga and Marc Montesinos Magraner; in Natural Sciences have been Juan Antonio Villaescusa Vinader and Gabriela Onandia Bieco.

The awarded in cell and molecular biology are Juan Carlos García Cañaveras, Maissa Chakroum, Julia Hillung and Susana Rovira Llopis; in Pharmacy have been distinguished Ana Belén Serrano Serrano, Isis Usach Pérez, Ana García Moraleja and Luis Sendra Gisbert. Award-winners in Engineering and Dentistry are Josep Pascual Cerisuelo Ferriols and Pau San Valero Tornero and Amparo Aloy Prósper.

In the Evaluation Commission of Medicine, the award-winners have been María Cernada Badía, Irene Tadeo Cervera, Ángel Gabriel Lucas Cuevas, Desamparados Roda Pérez, Teresa Liberia Vayá, Gustavo Jesús Fabregat Cid, Roberto Vicente Gozalbo Rovira, Raúl Soriano cantón and Samuel Orden Ruiz.

Doctors awarded in Psychology are Nicolás Ruiz Robledillo, Vanesa Hidalgo Calvo, Matías Pulópulos Tripiana, Mª Pilar García Pardo, Alicia Sales Galán and Gema Lucrecia Tavares Sánchez-Monge. Consolación Adame Sánchez, Mª Pilar Fidel Criado, Teresa Savall Morera and Emma Gómez Nicolau are awarded in Economics and Sociology.

In Law, Political Science and Criminology, the awarded are Manuel Alejandro Penadés Fondo, Miguel Gimeno Ribes, Ana Isabel Blanco García, Jacinto Pablo Quinzá Redondo, José Juan Castelló Pastor and Ana María de la Encarnación Valcárcel. Distinguished doctors of Geography and History have been Javier Andreu Miralles, Bruno Pomara, Alejo Eixea Vilanova, Salvador Pardo Gordo, Frederic Aparisi Romero, Vicente Ramón Palop Esteban and Gema Belia Capilla Aledón.

Commission of Philology, Translation and Communication distinguished Luz Celestina Souto Larios, Marta Pilar Montañez Mesas, Carlos López Olano, Àlvar Peris Blanes, Antonio Doñas Beleña, Lidia Valero Ordaz and María Iranzo Cabrera. In Teacher Training, the doctor awarded has been Vicente Gil Asensio.

Finally, in Philosophy and Educational Sciences the distinguished doctors have been Julien Canavera, Begoña Ramón Cámara, Rocio Garcés Ferrer, Isabel Tamarit López, José Vicente Gil Noé, Montserrat Escribano Cárcel, Lorena Rivera Léon, Luca Giancristófaro, Edisson Cuervo Montoya and Alberto José Rubio Garrido.

In her speech, the principal Mª Vicenta Mestre congratulated all the award-winners, highlighting their effort and excellence. Moreover, she wanted to mention the support of families of the awarded to access to the high stratum of high education that supposes the doctoral programme.

Extraordinary prizes of doctorate reward doctoral thesis of exceptional quality regarding the merits. It will be only valued merits that candidates have alleged and recognised, achieved from 1 October of the course of registration in the doctoral programme and obtained the Doctor’s degree, to 30 September of the last academic course of the call, and in any case to the 30 September of next academic course of the doctoral thesis presentation.

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