EIT, Climate-KIC.

The University of Valencia participates in a project by Climate-KIC for promoting innovations in sustainability

The University of Valencia participates in an innovative project for promoting innovations based on sustainability at the university campuses, which will be developed during one year and that it has a global budget of 200,000 euros funded by the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) dedicated to the Climate Change (Climate-KIC), created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which is part of the University of Valencia.

Francesc Hernández Dobón.

Amèrica Llatina i el cinema social, a anàlisi en la XXXI Universitat d’Estiu de Gandia

‘Amèrica Llatina entre el Neoliberalisme i el Socialisme’ i ‘Del Cinema Social a la Societat Filmada’ són els dos nous cursos inaugurats a la XXXI Universitat d’Estiu de Gandia. Alberto Montero, professor d’Economia Aplicada de la Universitat de Màlaga, i Francesc Hernández Dobón, de l’Institut de Creativitat i Innovacions Educatives de la Universitat de València, han oferit sengles conferències.

Aula de la Universitat de València.

Aids for the development of educational innovation called in the University of Valencia for the 2014-2015 school year

The Office of the Vice-Principal for Educational Training and Quality in the University of Valencia has published the Resolution (14, May 2014) by which aids for the development of educational innovation are called in the University of Valencia for the 2014/2015 school year. The period remains opened for the institutions until next 30 September.


UV Events

All events


‘Searching for Sugar Man’ at Cinema en valencià a la fresca in Velluters

Cinema in Valencian Language. Free entry. Limited capacity. Please, bring your own chair


Resistance strategies in the history of modern world

10-hour course. Coordinated by: Nuria Tabanera García. Tenured Professor of Contemporary History University of Valencia.


From the word to the Valencian language standards body

12-hour course. Coordinator: Verònica Cantó Doménech. Secretary of the Academia Valenciana de la Llengua


Past, present and future of the Owl of Athena For professionals and amateurs

Course of 15 hours Coordinated by: Jesús Alcolea . Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy U.V and Vicente Claramonte. Adjunct professor of the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science U.V.


The media: truth, fiction and entertainment in the construction of a democratic political culture

15-hour course. Coordinator: Francesc A. Martínez. Tenured Professor of Journalism University of Valencia.


Cultural and creative spaces as tools of economic innovation and transformation

10-hour course. Coordinated by: Pau Rausell Köster. Tenured Professor of Applied Economics University of Valencia.


Chemical strategies for cooking progress

Course of 10 hours. Coordinator: Miguel de la Guardia Cirugeda. Full University Professor of Analytical Chemistry. University of Valencia.


Workshops of La Nau dels Estudiants September edition

The registration process must be done through the electronic site of the University of Valencia, ENTREU from 21 July to 2 September.


Enrolment 2014-2015

The enrolment deadline for new students is from 22 to 25 July


The University of Valencia and its regional environments: 'El Alto Turia Valenciano'

Exposure on 'El Alto Turia' in Gestalgar. Opening 15 July.


50 years in the listings. Cartelera Turia 1964 - 2014

Exhibition on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the "Cartelera Turia"


El Arca de No-es

Exhibition. Text by Ana Luisa Ramírez. Illustrations by Carmela Mayor. Inauguration, 25 June 20:00.


The University of Valencia and its natural environments

Exhibition on Chera’s Natural Park- Sot de Chera. Opening 25 June at 18:00.


Exhibition “Miscelànea Geográfica” by Joaquín Bérchez

Photographic exhibition in Alpuente Opening, 24 June at 18:30


Ghosts’ short story for adults

Exhibition by Chema López at La Nau


The Believers Project. Jordi Pizarro

Exhibition at La Nau


Women: artistic territories of resistance

Selection of works of women artists


Pre-enrolment to Masters' Programmes course 14-15

The Universitat de València has launched the pre-enrolment call for the Official Master's Degree


Incentives for the elaboration of teaching materials, theses and articles in Valencian language

Grants for the elaboration of teaching materials, doctoral theses and articles, addressed to the staff, research interns and doctoral students of the UV.


Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society

Permanent exhibition of objects and instruments at the Faculty of Medicine


Medical-scientific collection of the University of Valencia 1. Science and society

It will be open to the public Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 in the exhibition hall of the Palau de Cerveró (Plaza Cisneros, 4, Valencia)


The new international agenda for human development

Course of 15 hours Coordinated by: José M. Soriano del Castillo. Tenured Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. U.V and Ximo Revert Roldán Technical Head of Cooperation of the PNS (FGUV)


Enrolment 2014-2015

New students. 22-25 July

La Nau dels Estudiants i les Estudiantes

Open the registration for workshops

Erasmus Pràctiques (work placements)

The application period 2014-2015 is open.

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Image of the cover of the video;Proyecto Clickers
Image of the cover of the video;ADEIT works to approximate the UV to its socio-economic environment
Image of the cover of the video;Entrevista Grup DocenTIC "INDOFIS"

Proyecto Clickers

Autor: López, Isabel; Ivars, Antonia;

ADEIT works to approximate the UV to its socio-economic environment

The main areas of action are: Training, specialisation and re-training of university students and professionals. Work placements in institutions and companies of the Valencian Community and other EU countries. Advice for job search or entrepreneurship. Dissemination of entrepreneurial culture. Support to innovation and transfer... [Read more]

Entrevista Grup DocenTIC "INDOFIS"

Autor: Medina, Pascual; Entrevista al coordinador del Grup d'Innovació en Fisiologia Vascular (INDOFIS),Pascual Medina.