Jean-Marie Lehn.

Five Nobel awards will participate in open acts, tomorrow on Tuesday, at Universitat de València

Five Nobel awards of different disciplines will participate in open acts, tomorrow on Tuesday, at Universitat de València Eight others will do it in different places of the city. These are: Eric A. Cornell (Physics in 2001), Harold Kroto (Chemistry in 1996), Jean-Marie Lehn (Chemistry in 1987), A. Hershko (Chemistry in1991), R. Korngberg (Chemistry in, 2006), Jerome Friedman (Physics in2001), Frank Wilczek (Physics in 2004), Sheldon Lee Glashow (Physics in 1979), Erwin Neher (Medicine, 1991), Ferid Murad (Medicine 1998), Richard J. Roberts (Medicine in 1993), Werner Arber (Medicine in 1978) y Christopher Pissarides (Economics in 2010).

Imatge del projecte ATLAS.

Els experiments del LHC, amb la participació de l’IFIC, tornen a funcionar

El Gran Col·lisionador d'Hadrons (LHC, per les seues sigles en anglès) ha començat hui a proporcionar dades, a un nou rècord d'energia. Després d'una parada tècnica de quasi dos anys, el LHC proporciona ara col·lisions a tots els seus experiments a una energia sense precedents. L'Institut de Física Corpuscular (IFIC, CSIC-UV) participa en dues dels experiments principals del LHC, ATLES i LHCb.

Imatge d'un cartell sobre Benimaclet.

European experts analyse the sociocultural dynamics in Benimaclet

More than fifty cultural agents and European activists will gather on Wednesday in the Gregori Maians Library (Campus dels Tarongers) to analyse the cultural and citizens’ dynamics in the Valencian neighbourhood of Benimaclet. This European forum is titled “Benimaclet Ready To Change” and it is organised by Relais Culture Europe and the research group of Cavanilles in culture of the economy of Universitat de València (Econcult).


UV Events

All events


Republicanos con la monarquía, socialistas con la República

Sergio Valero launches «Republicanos con la monarquía, socialistas con la República. La Federación Socialista Valenciana (1931-1939)» (Republicans with the Monarchy, socialists with the Republic. The Valencian Socialist Federation, 1931-1939)


Manuel Serrano, violin. Beltrán Cubel, viola. Marc Bullón, violoncello

Spring concerts 2015. Cycle Music in the Chapel. La Nau


How to manage our emotions through the emotional intelligence?

Conference of the Programme UNISOCIETAT


Aula de Lletres Valencianes-Revista Valenciana de Filologia

Presentation of the journal at La Nau


Company types and models: advantages and disadvantages

Conference within the programme "Universitat i Societat" taught by Professor Jesús Olavarría at the Town's Auditorium


Roundtable discussion on the novelties in audit and accounting

Limited places, attendance confirmation required.


Undergraduate and master’s degrees satisfaction surveys for the faculty

3 to June 30, the faculty of undergraduate degrees and official master’s will be able to give their opinion on the subjects in which they teach, through online surveys.


Participation and health in contexts of vulnerability: sharing experiences

From 23 to 24 July -10 hours Coordinator: Antoni Merelles Tormo, Tenured Professor of Public Health and Administration and Management of Health Services. UV.


Social and citizen participation in scientific and economic issues

From 21 to 22 of July at 10:00 Coordinated by: José Rodolfo Hernández-Carrión, Tenured professor of Applied Economy UV.


When should we worry about…in pediatrics?

From 22 to 23 July- 12 Coordinator: José Miguel Sequí Canet, Chairman of the Pediatrics Department at the Francesc de Borja in Gandia.


Citizenship Participation and Environment

From 23 to 24 July -15 hours Coordinator: Mª Àngels Ull Solís, Tenured Professor of Biochemistry and Mollecular Biology and Interdisciplinary Research Structure for Sustainability. UV


New legal forms of participation

From 23 to 24 July 2015 at 15:00 Coordinator: Javier Plaza Penadés, Full University Professor of Civil Law and Vice-dean at the Faculty of Law, UV


Nutritional Genomics

Nutritional Genomics. Scientific evidence based on studies with citizen participation Course from 21 to 22 July – 10 hours Coordinator: Marisa Guillén Domínguez, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health.


Heritage views. Itinerary through Safor

Course from 27 to 28 July – 15 p.m Coordinators: Adrià Besó, Professor of Art History at the UV and Joan Carles Membrado, Professor of Geography at the UV.


Introduction to business mindfulness

Introduction to business mindfulness. Towards a positive management of stress Course on 24 July - 5 hours Coordinated by: Francisco Ródenas Rigla, Poliwelfare Research University Institute. UV.


Ethical, cooperative and collaborative finance

Coordinator: Joan R. Sanchis Palacio. Full University Professor of Business Economy. UV From 27 to 28 July – 15 hours Coordinator: Joan R. Sanchis Palacio. Full University Professor of Business Economy. UV


SPSS as a tool for data analysis

SPSS as a tool for data analysis in search studies with citizen participation Course from 27 to 28 July 2015 at 10:00 Coordinator: José Vicente Sorlí, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health and Researcher in the CIBER Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition, UV.


Learn how to participate democratically

Course from 27 to 28 July at 15:00 Coordinated by: Carmen Montalbá Ocaña, Professor of Social Work and Social Services. UV.


En este curso se analizan las claves de la participación social y política en contextos de diversidad como motor de la democracia, de los derechos humanos y de la integración en la diversidad

From 23 to 24 July - at 10:00 Coordinators: Ángeles Solanes Corella, Tenured Professor of Legal Philosophy and Albert Mora Castro, Professor of Sociology. UV.


Course: Have a go at Physics!

Have a go at Physics! Knowledge and technology against the crisis From 23 to 24 July at 15:00 Coordinated by: Chantal Ferrer Roca, Tenured Professor of Applied Physics. UV


Social and sustainable entrepreneurship

Social and sustainable entrepreneurship Social economy + Innovative idea + Crowfunding Course from 22 to 23 July - at 15:00 Coordinated by: Antonia Sajardo Moreno, Tenured University Professor of Applied Economics in the UV.


Physiotherapy of spinal dysfunction. Evaluation, treatment and prevention

From 20 to 22 July - 15:00 Coordinator: Josep B. Benítez Martínez, Vice-Dean of Studies and Teaching staff, UV.


Inter-cooperation Necessary solidarity before human poverty

From 22 to 24 July at 15:00 Coordinated by: José Miguel Soriano, Executive President of S-N Trust and Delegate of the Rector for Cooperation. UV. Ximo Revert, Technician Head of the S-N Trust (FGUV). UV.


Art, Science and Participation

Workshop from 22 to 23 July - at 10:00 Coordinated by: Miguel de la Guàrdia Cirugeda, Full University Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the UV.


Participate in your health through knowledge

From 20 to 22 July - at 12:00 Coordinated by: Hortensia Rico Vidal, Tenured University Professor of Microbiology Universitat de València.


Criminal law and ICT. Issues regarding cybercrime

From 20 to 22 July 2015 at 20:00 Coordinator: Paz Lloria García. Tenured professor of Criminal law and Co-director of the Official Master’s Degree in Law and Gender Violence at the UV.


Workshop: Participate in a simulation training of CPR

From 20 to 21 July - at 15:00 Coordinated by: Dr Julio Fernández Garrido. Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry. Universitat de València.


To participate click here

To participate click here. Proposals, reforms and policies to encourage citizen participation Course from 20 to 21 July 2015 Lorenzo Cotino, Full University Professor of Constitutional Law at the UV. Andrés Boix, Tenured Professor of Administrative Law at the UV. And Francisco Arenas-Dolz, Professor of Moral and Political Legal Philosophy at the UV.


Major histocompatibility complex. Recognition, allogenic response and pathology

From 20 to 21 July - at 10:00 Coordinated by: Amparo Mir Gisbert. Full University Professor of Medicine at the UV and Associate Physician of the Internal Medicine Service, in the Department of Allergology.


Cinema and educational settings: network participation of professors and students

From 20 to 21 July - at 12:00 Coordinator: Ricard Huerta, Director of the Institute of Creativity and Teaching Innovation. Universitat de València


Santos' Universe. Perseverance's fervor in Carles Santos

Exhibition on Carles Santos' work


Languages and Cultures Workshops - July 2015

The workshops are free and are open to students and staff of the UV. The working languages will be the one of each workshop and Valencian. Each session will last 90 minutes, from Monday to Friday, from 1 to 31 July, except the Ukrainian language and culture workshop, which will be from 29 June to 24 July. Check the workshops list in the photograph attached


Satisfaction survey of students with the Master’s Degrees

The students of official Master’s Degrees can give their opinion about the Degree they are studying, by means of online surveys from 19 and 21 June.


Registration for Tastallengües September 2015

Valencian and international students meet to to exchange language and cuisine.


The skin of Sculpture

Exhibition by Teresa Tomás


Pages without limits: magazines

The exhibition “Pages without limits: magazines” will be inaugurated in the Octubre Centre of Contemporary Culture on Thursday 7 May at 20:00.


Rotatiu imaginari

The Confucius Institute of the UV presents the exhibition of the illustrator Ada Díez called “Rotatiu imaginari”


Future Plans (PhotOn Festival)

Exhibition at La Nau


Mavi Escamilla B World

Exhibition on drawings and paint at La Nau


In the garden of Neurobiology. Rossana Zaera

Exhibition at Palau de Cerveró


108 official masters pre-enrolment

Universitat de València open official masters pre-enrolment for the 2015-2016 year course.


Xavier Gómez i Font Linguistic Quality Awards

Xavier Gómez I Font for the linguistic quality of the Undergraduate Degrees and Master’s Degree final projects in Valencian and English.


Satisfaction survey for graduates

Graduates have available survey questionnaires to show to what extent they are satisfied with the degree studied.


Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society

Permanent exhibition of objects and instruments at the Faculty of Medicine


Medical-scientific collection of the University of Valencia 1. Science and society

It will be open to the public Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 in the exhibition hall of the Palau de Cerveró (Plaza Cisneros, 4, Valencia)


‘The Lorax’ in Ontinyent

Fourth Environmental Film Festival in Ontinyent. Cinema in Valencian Language. Free admission.


Aids for preparatory measures of projects UV-INCLIVA

Sub-programme B Aids of the Programme VLC- Bioclinic, for the carrying out of preparatory actions of research projects in cooperation between researchers and UV-INCLIVA.


Official masters pre-enrolment

For the 2015-2016 year course

Language Workshops

Free. July


Satisfaction Surveys. Until 21 June

+ Videos

Image of the cover of the video;Divulga 48. Sepsis and Water in other planets
Image of the cover of the video;99 mesures contra la corrupció a la Universitat de València
Image of the cover of the video;L'entrevista a Teresa Sevilla

Divulga 48. Sepsis and Water in other planets

A research team is developing a system for early detection of sepsis economically and in Myth and Science, Antonio Lazcano explained if water is necessary for life in other planets.

99 mesures contra la corrupció a la Universitat de València

El president de la Fundació per la Justicia José María Tomás i el professor de la Universitat Aurelio Martínez han presentat junt al degà de la Facultat d'Economía 99 mesures per a aturar la corrupció al país. Les mesures busquen el consens de tots els partits polítics per a millorar el greu problema de la corrupció.

L'entrevista a Teresa Sevilla

Today interviewed Teresa Sevilla , professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Valencia. Awarded by the Spanish Society of Neurology , speaking about his work and would earn esta prize.

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