Araceli Escudero, Esteban Morcillo, Juan Antonio Raga

The Universitat celebrates on Saturday Expociènica 2016

The Principal Esteban Morcillo has presented this morning the VIII edition of Expociència, which will take place next Saturday 28 May, from 10 hours to 14 hours, at the Science Park of the Universitat de València. The event has had the participation of the head of bureau of the coordinator of the CSIC at the Valencian Community, Araceli Escudero, and of the director of the Science Park, Juan Antonio Raga. The conference will have more than 70 activities that will offer a journey of fun scientifically guaranteed.

La Fecyt distingeix a Ciriec-Espanya amb el segell de ‘Revista Excel·lent’

La Fundació Espanyola per a la Ciència i Tecnologia (FECYT), del Govern d’Espanya, ha distingit amb el segell de qualitat de “Revista Excel·lent” a la revista CIRIEC-Espanya, revista d’economia pública, social i cooperativa. És la tercera ocasió en la qual, després d’haver superat un rigorós procés d’avaluació basat en dotze indicadors de qualitat, la revista rep aquest segell de qualitat, que solament ha sigut atorgat a set revistes dedicades a temes econòmics.

Dale W. Jorgenson, Esteban Morcillo.

Jorgenson affirms that the economic paradigm of the future will be based on the ‘Asiatic growth model’

Dale W. Jorgenson has affirmed on Thursday at the Universitat de València that the world economic paradigm will be based in the future on the ‘Asiatic growth model’, which ‘will be focused on globalisation and it will be based on human and physical investment instead on being based on a rapid productivity growth’. Jorgenson has been invested as Honorary Doctor, during a session celebrated at the Paranimf of the historical building of La Nau.


UV Events

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Quinteto Verger

2016 Spring Concerts. Botanical Garden


How to maximise the business benefit

Course. Registration period open. For students of licenciatura and diplomatura (former Spanish undergraduate degrees) and engineering the 2 ECTS credits will be recognised as free elective credits.


Seminar. Artistic territories of Resistance

Registration open with 2 free elective credits Artistic territories of Resistance Extreme representations of women in contemporary art From 20 to 24 June, registration until 17/06


Cinema, science and existence

Course. Registration period open. For students of licenciatura and diplomatura (former Spanish undergraduate degrees) and engineering the 2 ECTS credits will be recognised as free elective credits.


Land resources of Valencia - Ayora

Timetable: from 10 to 13 h - from 16 to 20h. Holidays: from 10 to 13 h - from 16,30 to 18,30 h.


Cinema as a global and local transformation tool

Registration open. Coordinated by: Josep V. García Raffi, Helena Rausell. Gandia.


The study of the territory within school learning

Registration open. Coordinated by: Xosé Manuel Souto González. Gandia.


Valencian territorial organisation: the regionalisation process

Registration open. Coordinated by: Joan C. Membrado Tena. Gandia.


Between decentralisation and desegregation

“Between decentralisation and desegregation: new tendencies in the territorial organisation of European states” Registration open. Coordinated by: Carlos Flores Juberías. Gandia.


Neuro-hapiness: psychobiology of emotions

Registration open. Coordinated by: Raúl Espert Tortajada. Gandia.


Territory and Power

Coordinator: Antonio C. Ledo Caballero. Registration open. Gandia.


Introduction to mindfulness in the company for a positive stress management

Coordinated by: Antonia Sajardo Moreno. Open registration. Gandia.


Approach to the cultural heritage of the Valencian central regions

Course addressed to the Unimajors-Unisocietat collective Registration open. Coordinated by: Adrià Besó Ros. Gandia.


Discovering the secrets of gastronomy

Registration open. Coordinator: Hortensia Rico Vidal. Gandia.


Active and passive occupation policies: critical points

Open registration. Coordinator: Eva López Terrada. Gandia.


It is time to change school. Education for the citizenship in a global society

Registration Open. Coordinator: Laura García Raga. Gandia


Public health: a global and local panoramic view

Registration Open. Coordinator: Ferran Ballester Díez. Gandía


Basic course on complementary therapies. Su Jok Acupuncture (hand-foot)

Open registration. Coordinator: Antoni Merelles Tormo. Gandia.


Coaching: a strategy for personal and professional development

Open registration Coordinators: Pedro R. Gil-Monte and Enrique Cantón Chirivella. Gandía


Social economy in the local field: the case of associations

Registration Open. Coordinator: Salvador Montesinos Oltra. Gandia.


Territorial organization. From local to global level

Open registration. Coordinator: José Vicente Pérez Cosín. Gandía


2030's agenda for development: understanding, reflecting, acting

Registration open. Coordinator: José M. Soriano del Castillo. Gandía


Physiotherapy of the rachis dysfunctions. Valuation, treatment and prevention

Open registration. Coordinator: Pilar Serra Añó. Gandía.


Valencian territory and society; new relationships for a new development

Open registration. Coordinated by: Joaquín Farinós Dasí. Gandía.


Remembered territories, wrong spaces. Environment for educating and of social commitment

Registration Open. Coordinator: Ricard Huerta. Gandía.


Democracy from the bottom

Democracy from the bottom: new agenda for the improvement and extension of the local governments’ functions. Open registration. Coordinators: Andrés Boix Palop and Joan Romero González. Gandia.


DE1 Procedure for Degrees and Master’s Degrees

The recommendation and modification of study plans procedure (DE1) is active at the SGIC platform.


Students satisfaction survey with the Master's degrees

From 16 May to 26 June, the students of the official master’s degrees can give their opinion about the degree they are studying, through the online surveys.


Xavier Gómez i Font Prizes for the linguistic quality of the final degree projects

Xavier Gómez i Font Prizes for the linguistic quality of undergraduate degree and master’s degree final projects in Valencia and English, 2016.


RM1 procedure for degrees and master’s degrees

During May the material resources procedure (RM1) will be active in SGIC platform.


Pre-enrolment for the 113 official master’s degree

The Universitat de València opens the pre-enrolment term in the official master’s degrees for the 2016-2017 academic year


Valencia Summer School in Business and Economics

The 11th Valencia Summer School in Business and Economics offers two courses taught by international renowned professionals in each one of the fields.


Erasmus+ 2016 Call Projects for Professors

The European Commission has published in the Official Journal of the European Union dated 20 October 2015 , the Call of the Erasmus+ Programme for 2016.


‘Penev’ at Micalet Theatre

With the university card you can pick up the vouchers which can be exchanged by free tickets at CAL ( in out campus.


Xavier Gómez i Font

2016 Prizes for linguistic quality

113 official master’s degrees

Pre-enrolment open

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Image of the cover of the video;La Universitat posa en marxa la normativa sobre seguretat electrònica
Image of the cover of the video;La Universitat de València obri de nou les portes amb Expociència
Image of the cover of the video;Scott C. Ratzan: «Comunicar salut no és dissenyar llocs web o escriure en blogs»

La Universitat posa en marxa la normativa sobre seguretat electrònica

Deixar el correu electrònic obert o l’accés a les carpetes de l’ordinador quan eixim un moment a fer una consulta són pràctiques habituals però que comporten un risc per a la seguretat electrònica. La Universitat ha aprovat una normativa que regula la seguretat de la informació i que posa en coneixement de tota la comunitat... [Read more]

La Universitat de València obri de nou les portes amb Expociència

El Parc Científic de la Universitat de València celebra el dissabte 28 de maig una nova jornada de portes obertes. Enguany presenta més de 70 activitats lúdiques relacionades amb la ciència i la innovación. Tallers de física, d'astronomia, de medi ambient o un de contaminació lumínica són algunes de les propostes que s'uneixen... [Read more]

Scott C. Ratzan: «Comunicar salut no és dissenyar llocs web o escriure en blogs»

Aprofitant la seua presència al seminari Comunicar la salut: oportunitat i reptes de la divulgació mèdica, celebrat a la seu de la UIMP a València, vam entrevistar Scott C. Ratzan. Ell és doctor en Medicina i màster en Administració Pública. Treballa com a professor associat del departament de Ciències Sociomèdiques de l’Escola... [Read more]

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