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The UV achieves more than 50 000 followers on Twitter

The institutional account of the UV on Twitter has achieved more than 50 000 followers on Monday 16 January. This account, named as @UV_EG, spreads the news published by the press office of the institution, as well as other interesting information of different university services. The institutional Facebook page ( also achieved the 50 000 followers months ago.

Poster of Winter Concerts 2017

Beginning of the Winter programme of the UV Music Club, on Tuesday.

The winter musical programme of the UV starts on Tuesday in the Rector Peset Hall of Residence, one of the different university spaces where the 16 programmed concerts will be held, such as the Capella de la Sapiència of La Nau and the Botanical Garden. These are chamber music concerts that try to approach music to the university community and to the general public.

Francisco José Martínez Lillo, Joan Cano.

Scientists of the ICMol improve the proprieties of magnetic molecular materials with high-pressure techniques

Researchers of the Institute for Molecular Science (ICMol) have shown that high pressure can be a tool to control the magnetic order and improve de proprieties of some molecule-based magnets. The work, published in Nature Communications, is a step forward towards the future application of these systems.


UV Events

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Winter concerts 2017

Cycle of Young Players of CulturArts Música Daniel Martinez Gómez, violin Alicja Gutowska, piano Authors: F. Schubert, F. Kreisler, G....


Before contemporary feminism. Defences of gender equality in Europe's past

Conference of the “UNIVERSITAT I SOCIETAT” programme of Massamagrell, by professor Monica Bolufer Peruga, at 19h, at the Cultural Centre of...


Insensibles (Juan Carlos Medina, 2012)

Cinema series "Once upon a time a Civil War" Insensibles (Juan Carlos Medina, 2012, 101’) Presentation by a member of the Cinema Club. ...


Briefing on the new teaching evaluation model

In the current academic year 16-17 has been set out, as a pilot, the new evaluation model for the assessment of teaching staff’s activity, developed...


Aesthetic Experience. Art and Mind

Programme for intervention and scientific dissemination Aesthetic Experience. Art and Mind Registration from 13 to 25 January...


Languages and Cultures Workshops - Spring 2017

The languages covered by this edition are: introduction to Slavonic languages, Ukrainian and Italian. The workshops will take place between 13...


Chinese fourth-month courses

From 12 January to 15 February the enrolment period for Chinese four-month courses of all levels is open.


The Spanish Civil War maps. Exhibition.

The Map Library of the university preserves an important collection of maps produced during the Spanish Civil War. It is compounded by more than 200...


Call for grants for encouraging gender equality in the UV

For the sixth year in a row, the Universitat de València calls for grants for the organisation of conferences, sessions and other public events that...


Online courses "Aprende a hacer trabajos" and "Aprende a hacer TFG"

The registration will be open until 29 January 2017. Courses will begin on 6 February and end on 12 March 2017. - Learn to do class work...


"Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe: A Berkeley StartUp Bootcamp"

Open call for the selection of 6 students to take part in the Summer International Campus: “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe: A Berkeley...


Stevia, the sweet panacea?

Sweet is not just a flavour. It is a whole world of shades and sensations bounded to the pleasure of eating. “Sweeter than honey”, the poets sang in...


Courses of the Open Club for Creative Writing

The enrolment period for the students of the Universitat de València and La Nau Gran will be from 19 December to 12 February. For the remaining...


“Valencian, Valuable, Valued Touristic Landscapes”

The exhibition called “VALENCIAN, VALUABLE, VALUED TOURISTIC LANDSCAPES”, which has a comprehensive approach from the territorial and disciplinary...


2nd Congress “Xàtiva: History, culture and identity”. URBICIDE

On 19 June 2017 it will be 310 years since the burning of Xàtiva by the Bourbon army during the War of the Spanish Succession. The inhabitants of...


DE7 Procedure for Degrees and Master's Degrees

People responsible of official undergraduate and master's degrees can now upload to the SGIC’s online platform the information corresponding to the...



You can now send your applications and submit your proposals for the Fair-Contest "Experimenta". Deadline: 1 February 2017.


5th Call for Cooperation Projects for Development

Publication of the UV's 5th call for cooperation projects for development organised. It is addressed to the members of the university community. The...


Specific Postgraduate Degrees of the UV. Enrolment

The widest rage of degrees of every specialisation area, about 300 degrees. They are perfect complementary courses for the degree programme training,...


RCC Harvard University Grants

Every year, RCC offers a number of Research Grants for the Faculty (professors and researchers) of our University Partners to carry out their...


Enrolment Open for the Subjects on Gender Relationships

1. Gender Relationships, Health and Society. 2. Gender Relationships, Thought, History and Society. 3. Gender Relationships, Policies, Citizenships...


Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society

Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society Open on 5 June in Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (Avenida...


Medical-scientific collection of the University of Valencia 1. Science and society

The López Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science (joint centre of the CSIC and the University of Valencia), based at the Palacio de...


Expo-flash "Notes al peu" by Irene Covaleda

The works of Irene Covaleda, exposed for the first time in Valencia, surprises us both by the use of materials such as acrylic, stamps or phone...


Online courses APRÈNCI2 and APRÈNTFG

Open registration until 29 January

Specific Postgraduate Degrees UV

About 300 degrees of every specialisation area.

"Experimenta" Fair-Contest

Deadline for applications and proposal submissions: 1 February 2017

+ Videos

Image of the cover of the video;Programa SEATPE 2016
Image of the cover of the video;LINEEX - La clau per a participar en una sessió experimental
Image of the cover of the video;El valencià, eina d'integració social i laboral

Programa SEATPE 2016

Programa Sistema per a l'Avaluació i Acreditació de Tutors i Tutores de Pràctiques Externes (SEATPE) per a la millora de la tutorització dels estudiants de la institució educativa que coordina la vicerectora d'Estudis de Grau i Política Lingüística de la Universitat de València, Isabel Vázquez. Segons paraules de la... [Read more]

LINEEX - La clau per a participar en una sessió experimental

LINEEX, el Laboratori d'Investigació en Economia Experimental de la Universitat de València, realitza projectes d'investigació en l'àrea de l'economia experimental i del comportament.

El valencià, eina d'integració social i laboral

Vídeo presentat per Annabel Kay Ruiz i Daniel Kay Ruiz al Premi Mavi Dolç i Gastaldo als treballs audiovisuals sobre igualtat lingüística i plurilingüisme, 2016.

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